Sneak Peak Game - Last week

Welcome to the last week of our Sneak & Peak Game!  

During the last three weeks, we posted a
collage to make three things:

1. Identify the designers. 
2. Create a sentence using the words included on the photo. 
3. Send the answers by email.


Identify each square with the name of the designer and the corresponding word. This week one box is without word. All these sneak peaks are part of card published in So Suzy Stamps Blog.
Create a sentence with the words included on the sneak & peak photos.
Send the 2 complete answers (List of designers and sentence) by email to


1st. Place: $25 Gift Card to use in the So Suzy Store.
2nd, 3rd and 4th: $15 Gift Card to use in the So Suzy Store.

To win you have to send your responses by email between April 2nd and April 8th 
using the title of this post as the subject.

At the end of the month the prizes will go to the participants with the most correct answers. 
You can participate all four weeks, 
but the email with your responses needs to be received 
each week during the corresponding time frame.


* Domestic over $15 US & International over $25 US 
without including S&H


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