May 29, 2014

Have you Heard?

Last week we started a new program called The Sneak Peak!  Primarily because I am horrible at keeping secrets and I like to share the excitement of some of the new stamps that will be popping up in the next couple of months.  So I figured why not do a weekly email with a new image of some of our upcoming stamps.  
That's all well and good, but come on, we need a bit more than that to be excited about!  Not only will you get to see what the new stamps are, but the ones that make it to the Sneak Peak will also be DISCOUNTED and have FREE SHIPPING! How cool is THAT?!
If you want to get in on the fun of the Sneak Peak, be sure and scroll down to the bottom of this page and sign up for our newsletter.  Every Friday you will get a copy of our latest Sneak Peak and you can get in on all of the secrets here at So Suzy Stamps!
If that isn't So Suzy, I don't know what is!
Happy Stamping!
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