May 29, 2014

Meet Our Artist(s)

devon-pink-pueblo.jpgOne day we will be able to say "artists", but today we have one super amazing woman working with So Suzy Stamps to ensure we have some AMAZING images to go with some of our sentiment stamps!
This is Devon Carlson from Pink Pueblo, you can read all about her on our Artist page, but let me tell you she has been AMAZING!  When I am creating some of the stamp sentiments I typically have a picture image in my brain that ties the sentiment in with a potential card.  Seeing that I can't draw to save my life and I don't think Devon has taken any mind reading classes, it can be rather difficult getting MY thought onto HER computer screen.  So, we did a little test run with one of my thoughts and guess what?  She NAILED IT!
You have no idea just how happy this made me, because let's face it, if you can't draw and you don't know how to work these crazy wild software programs, you're pretty much up a creek without a big hunky man to row it for you!
Not only did she whip me up a fantastic image to send off to get "rubberized", she went one step further and colored that bad boy so I could spruce up my website!   Woo hoo!
There are a couple of stamps that her new image will be perfect to use in conjunction with.  We have the DeadBody,  Hiring a Hitman and Repurpose into Fertilizer stamps...oh, that last line kind of sounds like a lot of death and, I guess that is exactly what they are!  But now we can "bury them" all in the past!  He he he, AND we could so add a few little flowers around the dirt mound to pretty it up a bit, huh?
The only bad part about all of it is, this image will be coming out in our NEXT stamp run, but we are crossing our fingers for a beginning of June release date! So keep your eyes peeled for our next installment of rubber stamps!
Until then, Happy Stamping!
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