Business Design Mode

by - May 29, 2014

We are hot and heavy in design mode over here at So Suzy Stamps! As much as I wish I was in the "creative" design portion of running a business, it doesn't make it any less fun.  It is however, daunting, over-whelming and increases my desire for yellow cake, but I have Michael Buble playing in the background and my husband took the kids shopping so I can get some more work done.  (Isn't he just a sweetie?  It also means I get to eat more cake!)
This isn't the first time I have started a business from the ground up, but I will say that in the 10 years since I took that leap, things have changed.  Not a lot, mind you, but the little tweaks here and there make me feel like the kid who moved out of the neighborhood and then came back.  Most of my old friends are still here, but they have grown, adapted and changed.  It is almost like starting over, but I still have the preconceived opinions and memories of days gone by.
There are so many new and exciting aspects of launching a business, product line and brand!  From the basics of creating a website and a brand, to launching an e-commerce store, digging in with social media, putting together a graphic design team, looking for shop locations, designing displays, eating cake, learning new software and still finding time to watch Jack Bauer kick some butt on Monday nights!  (A girl needs to have her priorities in order, right?)
I learned a long time ago that list making and visual project boards are my best friend so during my hour of hair rippage, I enjoy going back to basics.  Pulling out my Circa notebook, writing out To Do Lists, brainstorming with my husband, flow charting events and making priority bubbles; seem to keep my sanity in check (along with yellow cake).
This weekend the yellow cake and I decided that we were going to focus on getting my social media in place.  We are testing out new avenues of getting the So Suzy Stamps brand out there along with giving people a glimpse of the gal behind the snark. (That's me, in case you haven't figured it out yet!)
Now I will admit that some of these are more established than others, because let's face it, I am just rolling some of these out this weekend, so cut me a bit of slack and if you have ideas and recommendations PLEASE feel free to share! This girl needs all the help she can get.  But if you are so inclined to join us on our new journey, please follow, like, friend or do whatever buzz word works with all these new social media outlets I have embarked on!
Facebook - So Suzy StampsTwitter - So Suzy StampsInstagram - So Suzy StampsPinterest - So Suzy Stamps
I just got word that the family is on their way home, so it looks like I better get to picking up the kitchen, hiding the cake and switch laundry.  It is Clean Sheet Sunday after all and I do love me some nice warm sheets on a cold and rainy day!
Happy Stamping everyone!

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