May 29, 2014

Welcome to So Suzy Stamps

Welcome to our So Suzy Stamps Blog!  The first of many posts outlining our adventures in the Stamping World!  Granted, Greetings from Suzanne is no stranger to the stamping and card making community, but So Suzy Stamps is a whole new baby and we are BEYOND EXCITED to share it with you!
Our very first installment of So Suzy Stamps will be out mid-May and we are doing tons of fun things to launch our new So Suzy Stamp line!  I am positively giddy in that can't sleep, keeping my husband up all hours of the night, hard focusing on anything else kind of excitement!
So what do you say we start kicking off our Pre-Sale Launch with a BANG!
Everyone who pre-orders one of our So Suzy Stamps will receive a LIFE TIME discount on all future So Suzy Stamp Orders!  

That's right a LIFE TIME discount!  All you need to do is find your favorite stamp or two or shoot go for the gusto and order a bunch of fun stamps, because guess what?!  You'll get 10% off!!  For the rest of your stamp happy life!
Not to mention THAT, but you will also be getting a fun little surprise in your order to make it even more special! Seriously, how exciting is all of this?!  Now do you know why I can't sleep at night?!  (Well, figuring out Photoshop may have to do with some of it, but I am learning!)
If I were you, I would definitely check back often and join us in our adventures, take advantage of some of our fun Launch Party festivities and enjoy the ride!
In the words of the wise and wonderful Bilbo Baggins, "I'm going on an adventure!"
Happy Stamping!

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