June 3, 2014

Tuesday Tours: I just love Wish Lists!

Every Tuesday we are going to take a little tour of our So Suzy Stamps website.  I figured it could be kind of fun to see what we have going on, what little features we have available and let's face it, I need to see what all it can do!  I keep finding all of these nifty little doo-dads that I didn't even know existed and it is kind of exciting!

This week we are going to check out the Wish List feature on our website!

I LOVE Wish Lists!  I will admit that I am frequently on Amazon creating Wish Lists for myself and for my husband.  =)  You never know when he may need to buy me something "just because" and I want to ensure that when he does it is a success!

Well, our So Suzy Stamps site can do that too!  Let's face it, sometimes you run across a stamp that will be perfect for when your BFF breaks up with the ass hole she is with.  You don't necessarily need to have it right this very minute, but the moment you get the break up text you can jump online, log into your So Suzy account and voila!  Instant purchase and a kick ass card is in your future!

Not only that, it is super easy!

If you haven't already created an account with So Suzy Stamps, let's go ahead and get you up to speed!  (Besides, sometimes I do some fun sneaky stuff for my account holders!  Like free shipping, spending money and discounts!  It's so much FUN!)

Sign Me Up!

Once you have your account all in order, let's go peruse through the Rubber Stamps and find some goodies!

When you find a stamp you like I want you to click on it and go to the "View Details" button.  Scroll down to the Add to Cart button, if you notice there is a little heart right next to it.  THAT is your Wish List button!  Click the heart and it will automatically add it to your Wish List!  How fun is that?!  You can even share your Wish List and create different kinds of Wish Lists.  Oh yeah baby!

You can do that with any of the stamps and it makes it a lot easier to go right to the stamp you want instead of searching through the images individually.

So head on over and sign up for your So Suzy Stamps account and if you play with the Wish List, let me know which stamps you added to YOUR Wish List!

Thank you for joining us in our Tuesday Tour and hold on to your sockies for next week's adventure! It's going to be a fun one!

Until then,
Happy Stamping!

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