June 18, 2014

Tuesday Tours - Reviews

Airport blogging can be lots of fun especially when you are going "old school" and taking pen to paper.  My wonderful mother is flying in a few days early to help me out with the Girls on the Go Retreat AND she is making us mashed potatoes tonight!

  1. Her taters are the BEST!
  2. Yes, I am making my mother cook after traveling all day.  =)
Although, for the record she is only making the mashed potatoes, because mine are AWFUL!  I, however, am cooking the roast.  So see, it isn't SO bad.

So here I sit at a little cafe in the Albuquerque airport, an hour early, with an additional hour flight delay, working on lists, writing blog posts and wondering how my mom is going to review her travel experience today.  (Did I mention the A/C was out on the plane and it was extremely hot on the plane?)

Speaking of reviews!  Did you know you can totally review our stamps on our website?  It's TRUE!  Of course, in order to review your favorite stamps you will have had to have purchased them on our website.  This way the website brain knows you're not some deranged spammer trying to sell me an internet bride.

Other than just being a super nice thing to do, Reviews can be beyond helpful to other avid stampers who are considering picking up a stamp.  Let's face it, I am biased when it comes to my babies, but hearing it from a stranger is even better!

AND let's say hypothetically, there is something you don't like about them, a Review will help me make it BETTER.  So it's a win-win for everyone!

If you have purchased one of our stamps online, please do me a favor and rate the stamps you picked up.  You'll totally make my day and it will make my airport experience worth it!

Next next Tuesday, enjoy the rest of your week!!

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