July 22, 2014

More Customer Cards

I will be the first to admit that my following of new technology stopped head on with Facebook about 6 years ago...possibly even longer than that!  (Embarrassing, I know!)  I wasn't a fan of Twitter, Google+ was boring to say the least and I figured since I had an epic fail on the other social networking medias, why bother with Instagram?

At least, that is what I thought up until a couple of months ago when my brother totally brow beat me into getting an account.  Isn't he a cutie?  Since then, I have LOVED being on Instagram!

Auditioning for Magic Mike
Now imagine my utter delight when I did a little search for #sosuzystamps and I saw cards that I did NOT make!  I was in total SHOCK!

(Sorry, but isn't the look on Jake's face HYSTERICAL?)

Anyway, cards started popping up that were created by the very ladies who were buying my stamps and creating these gorgeous cards and I was able to SEE them!

I did a total happy dance and was beyond hooked!  I even talked my mom into joining Instagram.  She also has the longest name in the history of social media!

(She must be so proud of her baby boy, too!  So strong! he he he)

If you are on Instagram you will have to check out the #sosuzystamps to see what kind of gorgeous creations are being put together.  OR if you have some spiffy cards put together using our stamps be sure and tag them using #sosuzystamps so I can have a fun little surprise when I check it in the morning!

It will be almost as fun as finding out that my brother was actually Matt Bomer's understudy in Magic Mike!  (Totally kidding, but he looks ready and willing!)

So let's get to checking out pictures of some of the fabulous cards I have seen or have been sent!  (Bye, Jake!)

Debra made this fun card using our Warning Label stamp.

This was the gorgeous front of one of Debra's cards.  Just wait until you open the card!

Yep!  How fun is this?!  Love having great card fronts with a snarky sentiment!
Barbara made these two cards using our Wedding Dress stamp.

How fun are these?!   You can check out more cards made using our stamps in our Card Gallery, on Facebook or check us out on Instagram @sosuzystamps.

Until next time,

Happy Stamping!
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