July 15, 2014

Tuesday Tours: Organizing Supplies

Ribbons, brads, inks, markers, sponges, bling and fun doo-dads.  We have them, we love them, we want more, but sometimes we lose track of what we have or where we put it.  I suffer from the same affliction.  I also have this issue with remembering every little doo-hickey I have purchased over the years.  I also like to make sure my colors coordinate when I am making a card.  Let's face it, we all know that not every single black out there matches!  Talk about FRUSTRATING!  Not a fan!

I figured this weeks Tuesday Tour is going to include taking a fun little tour through part of my studio and what better place to start than with my pride and joy; my Color Display Case!

I used to keep all of my supplies separate from one another albeit grouped together. For example; all of my ribbons were together, my inks, brads, etc., but they lived in separate areas of my studio.  This seemed like a stupendous idea at the time, but when working on a project I would forget that I had some nifty brads to go with my pretty ribbon.  Plus, I would have to get up and go searching for ribbon, inks, spritzers and other such wonderfulness to create my cards.

When I moved to New Mexico two years ago, I figured it would be a great time to start anew with my craft studio.  With the abundance of dust and dirt that was quickly accumulating in my area, I needed to find a solution that wouldn't totally destroy my pretties!  Factoring the multitude of equations I had to organize my space I determined there was really only ONE solution to my problem...IKEA!!!

My fabulous case started with picking up the Billy Bookcase and adding on some lovely glass doors to keep out the nasty dirt.  You can't really see in this picture, but my glass doors are actually frosted with some pretty dandelions!  I think I paid $45 for the bookcase and $50 for both doors, making this organized creation just under $100!

A bookcase is all well and good to house all of my supplies, but it still didn't solve my issue with keeping all of my supplies organized and in order.  My girlfriend Vicki at DinkyBaby uses these fabulous plastic trays in her studio to house all of her patterns and I instantly fell in love with the idea and thought this would work with my goodies too!  So I picked up some Sterlite baskets at Wal-Mart, which were ridiculously cheap and went to work!

Each basket holds one specific color and all of the accompanying supplies; ink, sponges, ribbon, buttons, brads, markers, re-inker, you name it, if it goes with it you will find it in the color basket.  Not only does it store everything nicely, all I have to do is grab the basket, take it to my work station and work with EVERYTHING I have on hand.  It is FABULOUS!

As far as organizing the baskets themselves, if you look at the Color Display Case, you will see these little colored hearts on the baskets.  This is to help show me which colors are which and I have them organized by color family.  It does help that I use Stampin' Up supplies exclusively, so organizing and making sure all of my colors match up nicely is an absolute DREAM.

Inevitably, colors retire and I am quite sad and sometimes beyond myself with grief.  After the mourning process, I do remove the retired supplies from the actual "cabinet" itself, but I do not get rid of the colors.  Primarily because I love them and it's not like I am not going to use them in the future.  So I put them in their own special little home so I can still have them all at my fingertips when I need them.

This lovely plastic organizer tray I picked up at Target in the bathroom section and I put all of the inks, markers and re-inkers in one tray and the ribbon, twine and embellishments in another.  It sits in the little Billy Bookcase right next to my big one so I don't lose sight of what I have.

All in all, this is the pride and joy of my studio!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!
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