July 22, 2014

Tuesday Tours: Studio Make Over

I was so excited with having our Girls on the Go Retreat at my place this year for several reasons; my friends and family from Arizona could come and visit me in my new home, I didn't have to worry about toting all of my supplies all over God's green Earth AND it gave me the PERFECT excuse to move things around.  Albeit 3 weeks later!

I will admit that I had a HUGE case of procrastination when it came to redoing my studio.  Then I saw some of the other ladies on Instagram kicking butt and taking names with their studios/craft rooms.  Can I just say I felt a little ashamed, envious and down right pissy because I was slacking???

So I decided to kick it into high gear and get my space finished!  Are you ready to see what transpired last Wednesday?  I will even go so far as to show you before and after pictures!  (Fair warning, it is SCARY!)

Let's start with the Before Pictures, shall we?

Marley turned her poochie back in shame of my disaster.

I am so going to need that Coke on the table to fix this mess!

This WAS in my cupboard.

Ya, I told you it was scary.  Talk about a DISASTER!  Just to give you an idea as to how long it took me, I started when Stephan left with the boys to take them to their mom's house around 11:30am.  I didn't finish until AFTER we had dinner.  As a matter of fact, I had to put off Date Night for an hour just to get this all finished!  (Thank God, Stephan had to meet with a bride at 5:30pm so it gave me some extra bonus time!)  I finally put the finishing touches on my new area at 6:45pm!  

Now that we have seen the mess, want to see what all transpired during those 7 hours?

Big Shot Station

All of my inks, ribbons, accessories, etc.

The new CLEAN cupboard

My cutting area and extra big shot

My work area!!!!

All of my paper

Peacock LOVE!

This is what it looks like set up for a small class.  

My little sitting area so my honey bunny can visit with me!

Marley is a lot happier now!

My desk and stamp collection

Another view of my work area...which is where I am right this very minute!  :)
Phew!  I am pooped out just looking at it all!  I must say, as much as I loved the layout of the studio originally, I am enjoying my new little space to work in.  It is quite cozy, I can look out at my courtyard, watch the kitties play, see the fountain and enjoy all of the work we put into the back.  Aside from having to listen to my husband watching old shows, it is quite cozy and it opens the room up quite a bit.

All in all, I am one happy stamper!  If you have pictures of your craft room up on your blog or somewhere else visible in cyber space, please feel free to include a link in the comments.  I would LOVE to see your space!

I hope you enjoyed this week's Tuesday Tour!

Until next Tuesday,
Happy Stamping!
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