August 28, 2014

Confidence is Sexy

Let's face it, everyone has a different version of what is attractive; short, tall, bald, beard, big boobs, nice butt, muscles, skinny, curvy, big teddy bear, voluptuous, out-going, demure, the list is endless.  However, regardless of your "type", one thing remains the same...confidence.

When you are confident about yourself, you are unstoppable!  (For the most part, just don't go jumping off any tall buildings any time soon.)  My girlfriend Colleen is the MOST CONFIDENT WOMAN who ever walked the planet.  That girl has more confidence in left little piggy than all of the kings in Persia combined!  Even when she gets out of bed and runs up to get a coffee in her grubbies and no make up, she is stunningly confident!  She may look like hell, but her confidence radiates into its own form of beauty.   (Wow, Colleen, I feel like I have a total crush on you!  Don't tell our hubbies!)

I absolutely love the swirls in the black slinky dress and I actually used the swirls from our Wedding Dress stamp in the corners to frame it in.  (I love multi-purpose stamps!)   The Confidence is Sexy stamp utilizes my new absolutely FAVORITE font!  Just so you know, you will be seeing this font in many more stamps to come!

It is a stunning creation by Debi Sementelli who is ABSOLUTELY wonderful and incredibly talented! Plus it compliments the entire elegance of the card.

In the first card I created, I embossed the dress in black and stamped the image with Cherry Cobbler ink.  I wanted to add quite a bit of bling without causing it to be obnoxious, so I threw in some rhinestones and did a layer of Glimmer paper so that you just see it peaking out.

With this version of the card, I stamped the dress in black ink and then used white embossing powder for the sentiment.  I love the way it lies over the dress and the sponged edges really highlight the dress and quote.

If you would like to make your own versions of these cards you will need the following stamps:

If you do decide to make one of these cards, be sure and tag them with #sosuzystamps on Instagram or send a picture to me!  I would love to see them!

I also want to give a very special thank you to three amazing people who made these cards and stamps extra special!
Debi Sementelli for the use of her font.
Graphique who let me transform their amazing images into stamps!  (Wait until you see some of their other gorgeous creations!)
Devon Carlson who designed the ever popular Wedding Dress stamp.
And Queen Colleen whom I miss having lunches with ALL THE TIME!  (Love you!)

Thank you, everyone!!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!

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