August 9, 2014


Talk about irony.  We had our Black Magic Technique class on Thursday and Misty was telling us ladies about this super cool stamping tool she saw on Facebook called MISTI (she was hooked on the name for sure!)  The way she was describing it instantly made our little stamping mouths drool, so off I scrambled to find the video of this fun little invention.

After doing some crazy searches, I found it on YouTube and then we all huddled around my monitor and oooo'ed and ahhhhhhhh'ed over the genius of this!  Obviously we all wanted one so off I went to find out where we could buy one, how much they were and was it available.  Much to our dismay, they were sold out over at My Sweet Petunia, but that wasn't going to stop us!

After class, I sent Iliana an email GUSHING over her MISTI, which stands for Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented (well, ya!)  Much to my surprise, she emailed me back letting me know she was waiting on product and should have some up soon.  Last night was "THAT" soon!

Not only that, Iliana called me to let me know she was posting them on her site and I was soooooo on top of that and ordered my first MISTI!   Oh ya, baby, I am THAT cool!  I should have it in my hot little hands early this coming up week and I have promised Iliana to Skype her as I use it so she can watch me squeal with delight!   (It's the little things!)  Plus, Iliana and her daughter are down-right amazing!

Essentially, MISTI is your best friend in stamping.  (You should totally watch the video, if you haven't already, because I am not going to do MISTI the justice she deserves.)

You place your paper up against her edges.
Put your cling stamps on the paper where you want them to go.
Flip MISTI's lid down on the stamps.
Open her back up again.
Ink those stamps up.
Flop the plexi glass cover down on your paper...INSTANT SUCCESS.

Doing several of the same cards....guess what?
Ink those stamps again and flip!

PLUS, Iliana totally thought of those people who are LEFT HANDED!  She has a special one just for you!

Seriously, watch the video and be amazed!

I have to give HUGE kudos to Misty for telling me about this and making me HAVE to buy one at 10:45pm on a Friday night.  You will get to be the first one to use it next card class for sure!

And as soon as I get my hot little hands on a bunch of them, I am totally putting them in my new shop!

Be sure and watch for my full review of MISTI as soon as she comes in!

Can't wait!!!!!

Until then,
Happy Stamping!

Be sure and check out MISTI on My Sweet Petunia website and if you are on Facebook, share some love with Iliana!
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  1. Wow Suz! I may never make another crooked card again! Laurla is going to be so disappointed :) Sign me up for a MISTI if you decide to carry these.


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