MISTI came in!

by - August 11, 2014

I make absolutely no excuses for my dorkdom, but I may have superceded all of my other dorky antics today when my MISTI came in the mail.

Woo hoo!  Play time!
I promised Iliana that I wouldn't open it until I had her on Skype so she could see my wild and crazy curly hair and hear my squeals of delight as I opened the package!  (Nothing like Skype to make  you realize you need to a) get a hair cut and b) stop eating those damn donuts!)

I will honestly say I was good and did my errands, put groceries away and THEN called Iliana! Yeah!
It was like Christmas only with bubble wrap and visions of pink dancing in my head!  If you look in the corner on the right hand side you can KIND OF see a piece of Iliana on Skype, she made me promise not to get her in the picture.  :)

Before I go into how well it works, I want to point out a few things about the MISTI.

  1. It is a lot lighter than I thought it would be.  It actually measures in at 1.2 pounds, but it is quite sturdy and solid.  Definitely NOT flimsy, but it feels substantial, which is nice.
  2. The grid paper on the inside, the ruler on the outside and grid on the plexi glass ALL MATCH UP!  Having a big industrial cutter and fighting with the rulers and grids not matching is a nightmare, but MISTI is good all the way around.
  3. Buy the magnets to go with it.  It definitely helps stabilize your paper.  If you are using the red rubber cling stamps, you don't need the foam insert, but depending on the cling you are using, you may need a shim.  I have only used my stamps so far and they do NOT need a shim to press nicely onto the paper.
  4. On the back of the MISTI is a nice foam layer so that it doesn't go sliding all over your table, which is sooooooo nice!

Let's move onto the fun parts, shall we?  Look how pretty she is!  I must say I love the little thank you inside the MISTI.  I may have to steal her design and use it myself!

I bought the Right handed version of the MISTI, but Iliana also sells one for those of you who are left handed, isn't that nice?  She is sharing the love!

The black layer you see is actually a foam piece to be used with different types of stamps.  Iliana explains it all in her video.

For the stamp I am using, it is a red rubber cling with the foam.  Since it is over a quarter of an inch thick, I took out the foam insert and just laid the paper down directly onto the plexi glass.

Once I put my paper down, I placed the magnet to stabilize, set the stamp onto the paper where I wanted the dress to be, flipped the plexi glass over onto the stamp and opened it back up again.

The first time I stamped it, I inked the stamp and flipped.  It looked good, but I wanted the bodice to be a bit darker black so I inked the stamp again, careful not to move the paper or the stamp and flipped her back over again.  

What you are seeing in the picture is the SECOND TIME I STAMPED!   That's right, ladies, I stamped that bad boy twice and you can't even tell except that it is darker!  After my squeals of delight, Iliana had this fabulous idea of masking off the bodice, doing the swirls in one color and the bodice possibly embossed or something fun.  Using the Misty, it won't be a problem to double stamp the image.  Needless to say, after this blog post, I am off to have some fun!

Here are some of the fun things I want to try with MISTI:
  • Stamping the inside and the outside sentiments at the same time...oh ya, you know your breath just caught a bit on that one!
  • Stamping different layers at THE.SAME.TIME
  • Using it in my classes to help keep the images straight and where you want them to be
  • If you have arthritis, carpel tunnel or your hands are just plain tired, this could be the perfect solution!!!  No more gripping acrylic blocks or wood mounts.
  • My mother's massive Christmas card order!
  • Virtual Card Classes just became easier for me!  I can whip out those babies in no time without having to mess with all of the tedium of stamping multiple papers
If you are dying to get your hands on one, I would definitely sign up to get blog updates from her as she posts when she has more in stock and you will get the up to date info, BUT make sure you order super fast, because they will be gone and you will be crying in the closet all curled up in the fetal position moaning, "whyyyyyyyyyy".  

Speaking of crying, I am not off to play before my hubby comes home and I have to pretend to be a responsible wife/mother and make dinner!

Happy Stamping!

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    1. I just got my MISTI today and I cannot wait to use it.. I have a test tomorrow and have to study so will get a chance to put it together after the test....

    2. Salima, you are going to love it!!!!! It is FABULOUS and it just does a great job with multiple cards and those big silhouette stamps. I love her!


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