August 10, 2014

Playing with Flower Soft

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will have noticed a flurry of pictures of me playing with Flower Soft.  Let's face it, I am now an addict!  I can't get enough of these fun little multi-colored sprinkles!  (Yes, I went and bought more last night!)

They sell Flower Soft in a wide range of "styles" if you will.  Ones with glitter, micro fine, multi-colored, solid and they have them in kits.  The first one I purchased was a kit, because I wanted a plethora of choices.

Flower Bouquet Kit
I was beyond excited when I got them in the mail and can you believe I had to wait 3 whole days to play????    Sometimes the business side of things gets in the way and that makes me quite grumpy sometimes.  BUT on Thursday, I was finally able to break out these bad boys and see what they could do!

 They come in these cute little containers, but to get the little "flower soft" pieces back into it is impossible so having another container to store them is essential.

So I unceremoniously dumped the Flower Soft into my cheap container and then I fluffed it up.  Really what that means is I played with the Flower Soft in the dish.  I couldn't resist, I wanted to see what it felt like!

If you have used Flocking before, this is NOT Flock.  It is not "soft" like Flock is, it is definitely more substantial and feels more like shaved styrofoam.
Here it is all fluffed up and sitting pretty in it's new home.  Can you believe all of THAT fit into that little container?

If you look up in the upper left hand corner of the picture you will see a grove of trees.  (Don't look at my daughter's notes on my grid paper!  Oops!)

The tree grove is a stamp I bought at Hobby Lobby or Michael's a few years back and I thought it would be perfect stamp to use to see how the Flower Soft worked.

To be honest, they do recommend their own special glue, but I didn't know it at the time and I didn't have any.  One of my girlfriends said she had used Stampin' Up's 2 way glue pen before so I thought I would give that a try. It worked out just fine!  Woo hoo!

First Tree Done!

Let's do two!

I had to switch up the colors just to see!!!
If you look closely you can see the texture of the individual pieces of Flower Soft.  This batch was all multi-colored and I LOVED THEM!  It looks like my trees are bursting with Springtime flowers.

I probably could have stopped here, but ummmmmm, what fun would THAT be?  AND I had Autumn colors and a grove of trees that were begging to be Flower Soft!

Autumn Flower Soft
Did I mention I was in HEAVEN!?!   All I did was put the 2-Way Glue on the trees, pick up some Flower Soft, place it on the glue, I used a plastic spoon to press it into the glue to make sure it stuck and then repeated the process until it was finished.

After it dried, I did go back and flake off the pieces that weren't glued to the paper into my dish.  Some came off, but not as much as I originally anticipated.  I did notice that if I let the glue pool a bit on the paper, the Flower Soft was much happier.

Now that I was on a total roll, I couldn't stop there so I played with a few more colors with some different stamps.  Purely for research reasons!  ;)

Pussy Willow with Flowers

Pussy Willow mixing it up

All of my fun little projects
Needless to say, I am totally hooked and we will be making this September's Technique Class.  I know the girls are going to LOVE IT and it is also a fabulous excuse to play with Flower Soft some more!  Yippee!!!

If you have used Flower Soft before and you have any words of wisdom, we would love to hear them!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!
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