September 8, 2014

Color Me Happy

Back when So Suzy Stamps was just in the planning phase, I had a fun little group called Suzy's Strategists and part of their job was making sure I stayed focus and on track with the new stamp company.  They helped me plan my business model, gave me advice on what they liked or didn't like and they even helped me pick the colors for my logo.

Bright Green
Here are some of the fun colors we had to choose from and obviously, you know how the vote swung!
Peacock Blue!

Passionate Purple

Sunny Orange
Although I will admit that it was a tie between the Peacock Blue and Red, which is how the So Suzy Stamps logo was born!  Quite frankly, the colors helped INSPIRE the final logo and the same holds true when I am creating cards.

I peruse Pinterest unmercifully, take pictures of favorite fabric, or perhaps it's the way the flowers in my garden look outside my office window; regardless of WHERE the color is found, it plays a HUGE roll in the creative process.

So a few weeks ago while my hubby was working late, I got on Pinterest and went total Color Crazy! I reorganized my boards, found new pins and created more inspiring interests.  I now have boards for fun colors, everything peacock and you can't not have a FALL board, right?  I mean, Autumn should be a color all in of itself!  Obviously, these are works in progress, but I must say I love going through them before sitting down to put a card together.  Did I mention I even have a Glitter, Sequins and All Things Sparkly board?!  LOL  That has been a BLAST putting together and I have found some fun new ideas for cards!!!

I also realized that color makes me EXTREMELY happy.  It doesn't matter if it is a bright red umbrella, pretty pink tulips or turquoise sequins, they all make me happy and they inspire.

I can't be only crazy color person out there so what are your happy colors?  Where do you find your inspiration when you are creating projects?

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!

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