September 16, 2014

Cool Tools: Pick Me Up

Rhinestones, pearls, sequins and the myriad of other little doo-hickey's we use on our crafting projects can be a tedious chore when we are trying to use our fingers or tweezers.  So when my Grandma brought this little baby to a card class one sunny morning, I thought the ladies and I were going to DIE!  She just did a little "boop boop boop" and up came the rhinestone and down it went perfectly onto her card.  Like, we are talking SECONDS here!

Do I need to tell you that we ran out and bought one?  Did I also mention that we depleted the supply at Hobby Lobby in Gilbert and some people had to wait...Ooops!  Needless to say, the Pick Me Up by Silhouette has been my "go to tool" for the last 5 years and it is fabulous!  Now that I am having a love affair with sequins my Pick Me Up is working over time to make sure I don't have to worry about the sequins taking on a life of their own.  Between the sticky end picking it up and the little sharp end assisting with the placement, my life is golden!

If you have a tendency of working with the little bits of bling on your projects, you should try it out!  They do carry them at Hobby Lobby and Michael's, but Amazon carries them at a fairly decent price.

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!
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