September 15, 2014

Rolling Out the Fun

Well, they may not be here quite yet, but I do have some exciting news!  My stamper worker bees have been kicking some serious booty and I am happy to report that starting Monday, September 22nd we will have new stamps rolling out EVERY TWO WEEKS!

We are going to have more SNARKY stamps, Christmas stamps, stamps that go in a series, guy stamps, elegant stamps, the Bro Code and oh so many fun ones!  The new stamps will have a Monday release date starting on the 22nd and will continue until December 8th.  I will give everyone a break in December since it is a busy time of year, but you better be ready for January because we have TONS of new stamps coming out next year as well.

If new stamp releases weren't fun enough as it was, every Monday that we release new stamps you will get FREE shipping for that day only.  Can you say "Happy Dance"?  (Oh there is definitely a Happy Dance stamp coming too!  Woo hoo!)

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!!

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