November 23, 2014

Last Classes of the Year

In the past week, we have finalized the last classes for the year!  It is always a crazy time squeezing in classes in New Mexico and Arizona, but always worth the flurry of paper cutting!  We held 3 Christmas card classes in New Mexico last week and two classes in Arizona on Saturday.  We had new faces, friends come in from San Diego and a pop in from my favorite Skittle lady!

After rushing my mom all around town Friday, we made it back in time to get her house set up for the onslaught of ladies Saturday morning!   I like to have smaller groups of people for the card classes so we split it into two groups of 7 to keep the intimate feel for socializing and funniness!

Grandma showed up a bit early bringing with her the most amazing Peanut Butter Fudge EVER!  Way to go, Granny!  I must say, I absolutely love having both my Grandma and Mom at the classes.  I may not get to stamp with them, but it is just nice having the three of us together.

Not only did we have Christmas cards, Christmas music and fudge, but Carri from DoubleClick Connections came by with her Skittles AND she brought these fabulous chocolate dipped pretzels!!!  Which I was very reluctant to share!

Miss Eileen had the most beautiful and sparkly view of the day!

After 8 hours of stamping, we finished up the night with a fun family game of poker with my brother and his friends!

I am happy to report that my mom and I won and laughs were had by all!!!!  I don't think I have laughed as hard as I did last night in ages!

I am pretty sure I have procrastinated enough and I can hear family start to roll in so I suppose I should get my butt in gear and start the socializing!

I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday week with family and friends!  I, myself, will be happy with a quiet day spent with my husband watching shows and eating popcorn.  Sometimes a girl just needs a bit of downtime!  :)

Big hugs!

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    1. It was so much fun! Lots of laughs, yummy treats and seeing old friends!


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