November 4, 2014

Mesa Rubber Stamp Show!

We are BACK!  Talk about a fun trip to our very first stamp show!  Actually, let me explain that one.  Let's face it, I go to the Mesa Rubber Stamp Show twice a a shopper.  It has been a tradition with my family and friends for the last, shoot...5 or 6 years now.  This, however, was the first time I have been here as a vendor and I was beyond stoked!!!  It was even more special being that Arizona is my home state and I am glad I was able to start my adventure at home.

Before I add all of my crazy photos, I have to give a HUGE thank you to a crew of people who made this possible.  These are the people who put up with my snarky and often times cranky disposition and helped bring this together.

My daughter, Jordyn, who stayed behind to watch our menagerie of pets and made sure they all survived the rain and cold!  Thank you, Jorgy!

Patrick, our nine year old sequin bagging dervish!  He filled all of those little sequin baggies all by himself with a cute little pink spoon.  He also nominated himself for Employee of the Month!
Complete with So Suzy logo pose
Miss Shannon, who bagged and tagged all of the Make n' Take kits, helped inventory and price out the stamps.  PLUS, she helped on the back end of making sure all of the kits for my card classes were rolling without a hitch!  One word, AMAZING!

Janis, the incredible Make n Take Diva!!!  She came all the way from NM to help at the AZ Rubber Stamp Show and work the Make n Take table!  She was also the calming force behind the So Suzy Stamps booth!

My darling mother, who really got the crap end of the stick!  She came up to New Mexico before the show to price out 95% of all of our stamps, suffered through an endless wave of crappy food, put up with my shitty attitude AND filled our booth with never ending laughter!  (She was also right about A LOT of things!)  PLUS, she designed our booth layout!  (Ya, my mom rocks!)

And how can I forget my incredibly wonderful husband?  The man who pimped out embellishments like no other, packed all of our goodies in the back of the Prius, took off work, plotted, schemed and helped make this dream a reality!  (I really am one lucky lady!)

Now let's get down to the fun, shall we?!

Pat's sequins
These are the little baggies of sequins that Pat has been working on for the last couple of months to get ready for the show.  If you have received any of our Color Me Happy sequins, Patrick was the one who bagged them up for you!

I couldn't very well go to the Stamp Show with nasty nails!  So Miss Misty graciously polished up my nails to go with my logo!  I am totally smitten with my turquoise french manicure and I didn't break a single nail while I was away!!!!!

Dexter?  Frodo?  Dwarves?  Shelob's Lair?
These are my displays all wrapped up and ready to go.  We left all of the stamps on the displays and just Saran wrapped the heck out of them.  I am happy to report we did not have a single fatality on the way to Mesa!

Locked and Loaded!
I wasn't kidding about the Prius!  We got the ENTIRE BOOTH in the back of Stephan's Prius!  I dare anyone to talk smack about the Prius.  This sucker was filled to the gills AND we still got 48mpg...going faster than the speed limit.  Oops!

If you have never eaten at Pizza Factory, you have not lived.  Thank you, Megan for taking care of us during our travels!  After a rocky start getting out of town, you totally made our night!!!!

Stephan and I totally scarfed down the entire large pizza and I didn't feel a single ounce of guilt!   I may be craving it all over again!!!

Skittle Love!
Carri is totally amazingly wonderful!  Being that she is super close to my mom, I couldn't NOT go over and indulge myself in my Skittle fetish!  Big hugs!!!!!

Our booth!
AND HERE WE ARE!!!!!!  All set and ready to go for the weekend!!!  We had so much fun!  All of the ladies were a hoot and I even had my first "selfie" complete with autograph with ANOTHER SUE!  What can I say?  Us "Suzy's" are pretty amazing people!  I have to say that the whole weekend was rather surreal.  The fun people, listening to all of the laughs as people huddled around the Snarky Stamp corner, those who couldn't get enough of "Mom" (ya, she is like Stamper famous now!), friends who came by to say hi, Facebook people who I now have a face to the name and all of the new people we got to meet!

Working it
Stephan ran the register the majority of the time and let's face it, I was pale in comparison!  I really should have just sat down and let Mom, Janis and Stephan run the whole thing!  LOL

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  I may have wanted to shed a single tear that it was over, but thankfully there was a juicy burger calling my name right across the street!

Perfect ending!
Needless to say, it was a fabulous time!  And I must give a special thank you to everyone who came out and supported our first time out!!!!  You are all AMAZING!!!!!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!!!!
(hopefully I get to do that sometime soon, too!  LOL)
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