November 7, 2014

More Than Paper

Several months ago, a fabulous lady messaged me on Etsy regarding our Wedding Dress stamp.  She wanted to use it for some pottery, but she needed the stamp a bit smaller than the one we currently carry.  Karen and I figured out the correct dimensions, we got it onto a plate, I shipped them over to Karen and holy cow!  How cute is this little dish?!

I couldn't help myself and I HAD to put some Skittles into the dish to just see how it would look.  Can I just say that I LOVE IT?!  Aside from it looking pretty, it actually helped a lot with making my card projects.  Instead of having all of the little embellishments floating around on my work table I keep the ones I need in my little Suzy dish.

Of course, it would be great by the side of my bed to hold my rings and the FitBit that likes to remind me of how lazy I am.  Just not sure the FitBit is worthy enough for my Suzy Dish.

Karen makes cute little dishes like this for all sorts of occasions, not just to make me happy.  All of her dishes can be customized with names and the wedding dress dish is a unique gift to give to bridesmaids.  Accompany it with a handmade card using the coordinating stamp and YOU will look like the BEST bride EVER!

Karen has a ton of great gift ideas on her Etsy Shop, however, if you want something customized for a Christmas gift, the last day she is taking orders is November 9th.  This will ensure you get it in time for Christmas delivery.

The best part about this fun little gift is the reminder that stamps are not just for cards and scrapbooking.  Karen took the cling rubber stamp to a whole new media and it looks AMAZING!  Perhaps this is a lesson for all of us, to go beyond the obvious and take our creativity to a whole new level!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!
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