December 6, 2014

Transformation Time

The end of the year usually marks a slow time for me; no classes in December, hubby works a lot giving me more time to make cards and kids are busy being good...well, most of them are.  This is typically the perfect time to revamp the studio, kick butt on card making or spend an entire day baking cookies and other yummy treats.

Hmmmm, not sure what happened with my plan in 2014, but somewhere the wires were crossed and I entered "Studio Transformation HELL".  I mean those three words with every fiber of my being!  It all started with an innocent trip to the Big Blue and Yellow Building in Tempe.  (Ya, you know the one I am talking about!)

I wanted to pick up a few things to incorporate into my studio to do a trial run for the new empty wallet later I had a full car and lots of ideas swimming around in my head!

I told myself that after the 1st of December when things settled down, I would work on the studio.  <VERY LARGE SIGH>  Let's face it, I don't have any patience.  So Wednesday morning after I arrived back in New Mexico, I started tearing everything a part.  I thought to myself, "Self, you can soooo do this super quick like and be done by this evening."

I really shouldn't listen to myself!

Good idea gone wrong
My studio looked like this from Wednesday until Saturday evening and it still wasn't finished!  Did I mention I had a big shindig happening at my house that Monday?  (Just a wee amount of pressure!)

Slowly things started to move along.  I thought I would be more motivated if I focused on making one area pretty.  It all just seemed way to over-whelming and creating prettiness in chaos always makes me happy!

The first thing I did was tackle the windows!  After searching high and low for curtains when I was down in the Valley, Mom and I found some great wedding table overlays at Hobby Lobby for like $5 and they were PERFECT!   They are shimmery, turquoise, cheap and fabulous!  I want the new shop to coordinate with my logo AND selfishly I want them to match a card that Kendra is making me that also goes with my colors!  So I threw on some red ribbon and added a white snowflake and wait until you see the final result!

Ta Da!

How fun is THIS?!  It's bright, cheery, festive and Oh, So Suzy!  I want the new shop to have a Candy Store vibe and I think the circle fan along with the cupcake stand and milk bottles totally give it a fun feel!

Next we come to some of the fun little goodies occupying the space under the window!  While in AZ, my mom and I popped into TomKat Studios in Chandler.  We totally stalk them on Instagram and since they are right around the corner from Ikea, it was a win-win!  She had all sorts of fun little goodies in her shop that totally went with my Candy theme AND in my colors!  Plus the ladies there were super fun and friendly!

I grabbed the white and turquoise cupcake wraps, straws, twine and a ginormous turquoise and white polka dot balloon that I will be using at our Grand Opening!  The cute little dish with the peacock color sparklies are my very special Peacock colored Skittles from DoubleClick Connections!!!!  

Talk about CUTENESS!!!!

BUT the fun doesn't stop there!

(Actually it does, because you are going to have to wait until next week to see the rest of what I have done in my studio transformation!)

OMG!  Is it ever fun and fabulous!

So until next week, enjoy some of the fun happenings here on the blog!  We have our very first Blog Challenge going on AND our Design Team is busy at work making cards and working their creative magic on our stamps!

Happy Stamping!
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  1. I love love love! And that color combo is just fabulous! I'm almost done with your card front and will ship it to you this week....I'll contact you on shipping info ;)

    1. I am soooooooooo excited! I hope the frame I bought looks good with it! LOL If not, I will be forced to go shopping again...DARN! You are the BEST!

  2. I love the color combination. The curtains are really cute :)


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