January 21, 2015

A Wee Bit Snark...

....Ok, maybe A LOT OF SNARK!  For those of you who don't know "snark", it is actually the VERY reason why I went into business.  I could never find enough snarky sentiments so when I did, I would buy them all.  I would make a ton of snarky "So Suzy" cards and they sold like hot cakes.  Then the magic snarky stamp fairy came to visit and offered me my own stamp line.  Thus, So Suzy Stamps was born!

Pretty snappy, huh?  Before we move onto the "snark", let me first put out a moment of full on disclosure.  You will probably laugh, you may be offended and there may even be a part of you that is absolutely appalled by some of the cards I have made using our "snarky" stamps.  SO!  If you are easily offended, I will recommend that you just close out of this post and wait for more pretty posts tomorrow.  :)

Let's start with, what in the world IS snarky?  Here is what good ol' Merriam Webster has to say about it:

Definition of SNARKY

:  sarcastic, impertinent, or irreverent in tone or manner

This pretty much sums it up.  Sarcastic, irreverent, snappish, down right rude, probably needs to be added, but always a bunch of fun and great for girlfriends and those people who can handle a bit of sarcastic silliness.

I always get the question after I make and post a snarky card, "Who do you send these too?"  That's easy!  My husband, my girlfriends, my kids, my mom, pretty much anyone I think can handle a laugh or two.

My girlfriend Jessica orders A LOT of snarky cards and I have to laugh every single time!  Here is one of my favorites that I made earlier last year.

Pretty cute, huh?  Looks innocent enough; bright colors, maybe a wee bit of gardening is going on and then you open the card!

Dead Body Stamp
I totally forgot to take a picture of the inside of the card when I made it!!!  But this is the stamp that we used for them!  he he he

I really enjoy making pretty cards and then having a bit of fun surprise silliness on the inside.  However, when I am making cards to display for shows, I have to put the sentiment on the outside.

We are going to give a bit of a tribute to the idiots of the world. It's one of my biggest selling snarky stamp so we are going to have a few different cards using this stamp.  This is a cheery fun little card that is fabulous to make to remind your girlfriend that perhaps the moron she is dating, isn't what he is all cracked up to be!  Personally, I love the polka dots!!!!

When I decided to do the Idiot in Tin Foil stamp, I knew I had to come up with something else to accompany it.  So when I found this fabulous Castle I knew it was the PERFECT compliment to my Idiot stamp!

I did a couple of different versions using the Castle and Idiot stamp.  I did one use Flower Soft to accent the castle and the other I played with my Copics.

I did a bit of sponging the Castle, but I added Peacock Skittles and Flower Soft and I had to play with the Wink of Stella!

The next version of the Castle, I used my Copics.

I stamped the Castle.

Colored it all with my Copics...I was definitely in a "snarky" mood and needed some time to detox from my crappy mood so I figured coloring was in order!

Then I added the sentiment!  It fits perfectly in the open area in the Castle.  Woo hoo!

I totally love the next card!  I do have a fun little basket of apples stamp that will be coming out in the next several months, but for this card I actually had to make it using a punch.  Talk about a PAIN IN THE BUTT!!!  But so worth it.

My friend Davy actually sent me this quote to make into a stamp and oh my gosh!  I can't even tell you how many times a day I want to chuck an apple at someone!

For my last card...this is where I typically get hate mail.  So again, if you are even remotely sensitive, I would highly encourage you to just chuckle and close the post.  :)  It's ok, my feelings can handle it!

This last card I made for my hubby!  And when I say I made it for him, I mean I made it, I handed it to him, he laughed his ass off and then I took it back.  Yes, Kymona, I REALLY do that to the poor man!  LOL

We are always coming up with silly ways of telling each other how much we LOVE them.  From silly nonsense words like, "unmentionable" to snarky statements that I am sure my grandma would ground me for.  Like this sentiment!

Back Alley Hooker

If you are still reading and you are offended...I kinda told ya so.  Just sayin!

For those of you who are laughing, OMG!  You have no idea how many times people die laughing at this card!  My husband totally DIED and he still walks past it and chuckles to himself.  Plus, I love the Sassy Hearts that go with this card.

As much as I love all of the pretty stamps we carry, the Snarky ones are my favorite.  I am a pretty blunt, snarky, sassy and sarcastic person so it does give you a peak into what happy hour is like at my mom's house!

(and if you are STILL upset...it's ok.  I do have that effect on people sometimes.  My poor parents.)

BUT if sometimes you just need a little chuckle when life gets you down, head on over and read some of our snarky stamps.  And if you weren't aware, I even put funny little stories in the stamp descriptions!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!
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