January 5, 2015

So Suzy and DoubleClick Skittles

January Release

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!  I am happy to announce that So Suzy Stamps is now carrying DoubleClick Skittles!

In the past, we have had special kits that contain a few of the fun little DoubleClick Skittles when you purchase a specific stamp.  While these kits will continue to hang around, we will also be carrying the DoubleClick Skittles for you to purchase in our shop!

If you are wondering what in the world a DoubleClick Skittle is, let me introduce you to a fun embellishment that adds sparkle and color without weighing down your projects!

DoubleClick Connection manufacturers these fun little embellishments in Gilbert, AZ.  Made of acrylic and custom dyed in a wide array of colors, they are light weight and easy to adhere to your projects.  Carri, from DoubleClick Connections, recommends using a low-temp glue gun for best results when adhering them to paper.  Seeing that she put a slew of glues and adhesives through the "Arizona heat test", I will have to defer to her adhesive expertise!

Here are a couple of cards we have made using the DoubleClick Skittles!  (This is the best part!)

Watermelon DoubleClick Skittles

Sunshine Yellow DoubleClick Skittles
Aren't they just so much fun!?!  They add just the right amount of shine and color and as you will notice in the Judy Garland card, I even tossed in a few sequins and it worked out beautifully!

Starting in January, we are going to be releasing DoubleClick Skittles every month with a 10 color release of DoubleClick Skittles in January and on February 5th we will have a 3 color release.  To keep it easy, we will have a couple of options to pick up your DoubleClick Skittles.  You can purchase them individually OR you can buy the entire kit for that month's release!  Woo hoo!  No worries on trying to remember which colors you already own, just pick up the new kit and you are set to go!

Now let's check out the gorgeous colors we are introducing you to!

January Release - All 10 colors in 25 count packs

Clover - 25 per pack

Lettuce - 25 per pack

Mountain Rose - 25 per pack

Peacock Glitter - EXCLUSIVE to So Suzy Stamps - 25 count pack

Sunshine Yellow - 25 count pack

Stream - 25 count pack

Rudolph Red - 25 count pack

Purple Twilight - 25 count pack

Peacock - EXCLUSIVE  to So Suzy Stamps - 25 count pack

Watermelon - 25 count pack

Now do you see why I am so excited about this new release of fun embellishments?  Plus, at $2 a pop, it's a cheap thrill for sparkly funness!

So head over and check out the DoubleClick Skittles, stock up on some fun and don't forget to share your creations on our Facebook Group or on Instagram with #sosuzystamps!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!
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  1. I love a cheap thrill. Soon the order will come :)

  2. Omgosh, these colors are GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to collect them all :D


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