February 5, 2015

February Skittles Release!

We have new colors in the store!  Originally I was only going to do one release, but I couldn't help myself and it IS the Month of Love so I should do something in honor of Valentine's Day, right?  So it's your lucky day and we have not ONE release, but TWO!

February Release
How cheery and fun are THESE colors?  Let me introduce you to the first of the February Release Colors.

We have Sunset Orange, Raspberry and Butterscotch!  You can pick them up individually OR you can just grab the whole set.

Color Inspiration Piece

You may have read earlier in January about all the fun my mom and I had with staging the DoubleClick Skittles.  Well when we were just playing around and being silly, we came up with matching Skittle colors to the Hershey Kisses and thought it would be fun to roll out a fun set!

February Love Release

The February Love Release comes with 25 Skittles of the following colors; Rudolph Red, Slate and Pink Sherbert.  As of right now, our Skittle Love set can only be purchased as a set and not individually.  (Don't worry, the time will come when you can restock the specific color, but today is not that day.)

If you are new the wonderful world of DoubleClick Skittles, we got you covered on how to use these fabulous little embellishments.  The manufacturer of DoubleClick Skittles recommends that you adhere them to your projects using a low temp glue gun.  The glue gun helps keep your Skittles in one place, especially in hotter regions.  I, however, am lazy and I just use a Mini Glue Dot.  (Shhhh!)

Here are some fun cards we have made using the Skittles.

Flower Doodle  and Sunshine Yellow Skittles

Dandelion Set, Some See a Wish and Sunshine Yellow Skittles

Dandelion Set, Art is What I Have, Slate Skittles

Mermaid Ocean, Reality and Sailboat Blue Skittles (Coming Soon)

If you are planning on mailing a card that has Skittles attached to it, I do recommend placing a piece of card stock on top of the actual card.  This will help it go through the machines at the post office when they cancel out your postage.

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!

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