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by - February 23, 2015

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I adore the way this book came to be.  I had the telephone stamp and was thinking about how to use it showcase it best and do something fun.  I went away (not really a vacation) for about a week.  Just before leaving I dropped my cell phone…no damage.  Then I was having the most difficult time charging my phone.  Turns out I cracked it around the area where you insert the charger.  So, it will charge…but, *very* temperamental.  At several points during my vacation I thought I would run out of charge and perhaps not be able to get the phone charged at all.  All the phone numbers of those I love (and picking me up at the airport) would be unavailable!  All of this to say that I sort of saw the need for an old-school phone book.  Ya know… pen and ink!  So, I meshed up this idea with the telephone stamp…and came up with the idea of making personal phone book.  Since I enjoy making books…this was a perfect solution!
The end of the tale is that I was able to charge my phone.  I hooked up with the person picking me up at the airport.  My luggage arrived <a little late>.  I’m trying to make it until November until I get a new phone…right now that doesn’t seem likely.
I was thrilled to be to use the Chatter stamp in three different ways: regular stamping, fussy cutting, and masked.

For general book making skills I have read several books, taken a workshop, and watched Sea Lemon’s videos (among others, but I like hers the best).


  1. Book Size:  4.75 x 4, book board.
  1. Pages:  15 pages of 67lbs copy paper that are torn on one side (the side facing out).
  1. Front Cover:  This began as a piece of 67lbs white paper.  I distressed it with honey, corduroy, walnut, ocean, and peacock.  I then inked the Chatter stamp from So Suzy Stamps with marmalade and used my omnigrid as the stamp block.  Over all this I put the lightest coat of Martha Stewart pearl acrylic paint (one of my favorite things right now!).  Then I stamped the whole stamp again with marmalade and fussy cut just the telephone…which I then sprayed with Tattered Angels Suede.  This is adhered to the front with glue.
  1. End Pages (Front):  DCWV Rustic paper, edges distress with honey.
  1. End Pages (Back):  DCWV Rustic paper, edges distress with honey.  I also masked the Chatter stamp so that only the right side would stamp, inked it with marmalade and stamped.
  1. Back Cover:  DCWV Rustic paper.
  1. Book cloth:  I used a piece of fabric that coordinated from my stash.  I used this method to create my own book cloth.
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  1. I love the chatter stamp on the address book. What a great idea! I might have to own that stamp now. Also, I'm always off task - lol - I have the same doggie door stop the card is propped against. :)


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