July 30, 2015

2015 Christmas in July Retreat

Good morning everyone!  I do apologize for the bloggy absence, but I have been recovering from our weekend Retreat and getting things sorted and situated in the shop in time for the Release on the first.  Woo hoo!

This year's Retreat was absolutely FABULOUS and a ton of fun.  We had over 20 ladies show up to make cards, win prizes and participate in lots of shenanigans.  (Did I mention we even had an elf?)  For most everyone, this was not their first Retreat, but I am happy to say that we did have some newbies, including Design Team member, Jennifer Loftfield from Caffeinated Papercuts who flew in from New York. How cool is THAT?!
Jen and I

Jen and I had a fun time tootling around Albuquerque after she flew in, getting our nails done, doing a bit of shopping and having lunch before heading back to Bloomfield.  Both Mom and Jen came in early to help set up and holy cow!  I have no clue what I would have done without my husband, Mom and Jennifer this past weekend.  While Jen and I were off enjoying ourselves, Stephan was cleaning the house, finishing up the yard work and being a total lifesaver!

Oooh pretties!
Of course, since they were here early, Mom and Jennifer got to peek inside of the sparkly fun box from The Ton!  Miss Effie is truly amazing and she made sure I had a "ton" of new sequins and jewels in time for the Retreat!  (Have I ever told you how blessed I am to be surrounded by amazing ladies in the industry?)  Between Effie and Carri, So Suzy Stamps is full of sparkly goodness!

The Man of the Hour
Here is a super fuzzy picture of me and my man!  He is BEYOND amazing, extremely patient and the best hubby ever!  I mean, he put up a picket fence for the shop, how can he NOT be incredible, right?

Our very own elf!
I told you we had an elf!  Seeing that the theme this year was Christmas in July, Aysia totally brought it by dressing up as our very own Elfie!  How stinking fabulous is THAT?!  Talk about frikken fun!

The Crew Minus 2
Miss Flora, who supplied us with A-MA-ZING food on Saturday and our elfie are missing from the group photo, but these are the crazy ladies who made it to this year's Retreat.  We had people come in from New York, South Dakota (I think!), Arizona and New Mexico and talk about a hoot!  It was the largest group we have had thus far and well worth the late nights and early mornings.  (Right, Jen?)

Jen at Honeyville
Seeing that I worked Jennifer to the bone while she was here, we took a quick jaunt up to Colorado on Monday before she flew out Tuesday.  The best part about the trip is we totally had a brainstorming session with Mom over the phone about next year's Retreat!  So keep your eyes peeled for information regarding more fun and cards!

Thank you to everyone who came for the Retreat this year and a super big thank you to everyone who helped out!  You ladies are life savers!

As a reminder, the website is back up and running, we have a new product release on the 1st AND we are now on Periscope!

It is a fun app you can download for free on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone so you can watch short little video clips from So Suzy Stamps, INCLUDING a sneak peek of our upcoming Release!  The videos do delete after 24 hours and they can also be viewed from online via a link that Twitter releases after a video has been created.

Of course, you can still follow us on Facebook, IG and Twitter.

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS POST! Thank you Suzy for this! :) It makes me feel like I was there too. The pictures are adorable...(especially the fuzzy one) *wink wink* So glad to see you ladies having such a fun time! Here's hoping that the next retreat is an even bigger success! *big hugs*

    1. LOL Thank you, Miss Halak! We did have an absolute blast!! BIG HUGS!

  2. What good atmosphere is breathed in those pictures! I like so much your elf. It's amazing!!!!

    1. LOL Thank you, Maria!!!! She was definitely a cutie! HUGS!

  3. I am *almost* recovered...LOL It was soooo hard being at work today! It was one fabulous visit my dear.

    1. I cannot thank you enough for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! Your help was invaluable!!!! AND we found time to color!!!

  4. So very happy that you had an elf from Albany NY to represent uss the Embassador Jennifer seems she enjoyed helping an playing a lot. Hope next year your retreat is even better. Thanks so much for all th updates. You were so quite it was scary.

    1. LOL My kids say the same thing when I am quiet!!! Thank you for letting me borrow her for a week!


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