It's all About the Bag

by - August 19, 2015

Hey everyone - it's Jennifer from Caffeinated Papercuts again! Our dear Justine is still in the process of moving and getting settled in, so you get me two days in a row instead. :D

I'm mixing it up today - we're talking about bags! It's a known fact that Suzy carries amazing stamps, luscious inks, and all the bling you might ever need, but have you ever clicked on the Tools section? There you will find one of the best tools of all...BUNKIE BAGS!!!

My Bunkie Bag collection did not just ask me what a Bunkie Bag was. For realz? All right, gather close and let me tell you why you need at least one of these little beauties. For starters, each one is handmade by Suzy's amazing mom, Denise. Momma is a hoot and a half and skilled with all things fabric. Each batch is always a little different, and Momma is always adding extra fun to the Bunkies.

This one was my very first - I loved the green houndstooth with the lovely black & white floral print. Yes, shocker, I got the green one. This was before Momma started having fun with buttons!

I love using my Bunkie for gathering up all the miscellaneous stuff we crafters always seem to need with us at all times. This bag became my craft show companion, holding spare adhesive, extra tag string, magnet repair kit...seriously, you can truly pack these guys full!

And I still have room for chocolate. Now, then there are the Bunkies with tutus! I got first dibs on this one when Momma made it, and I couldn't say yes fast enough.

Kitties and tutus and teal, oh my!
They are so stinkin' cute in their little tutus! Oh, and now she has one with a cat's a riot! I love switching out my Bunkie to match my mood, or to pack extra things. Headed for a card exchange this year, or taking a stack of cards to work on/finish? Bunkie has you covered!

And of course, you need to be prepared for the holidays! At the Retreat we each got to pick our own Christmas Bunkie, and man was it a hard choice...but as Momma says, carry her around, try her out, and the right one will speak to you. So for me, it was the cute snowfamily and the snowkitty!

If you could bear to give them away, they would make fabulous gift bags as well. Play it safe, get one for yourself as well...LOL

The sides are tall enough that not even my ATG falls out! Can't say that about too many bags, and you'd be hard-pressed to find another of this quality and made with so much love.

I hope I helped clear up any mystery about the Bunkie Bags! So, who's ready to go shopping?? Oo, you could use them as a purse, too...the possibilities are endless!

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Happy Crafting!

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  1. Just got my first one a few days ago and I love it!

  2. I own two bunkies bags & I love them both. Although I'm coveting your green one & the teal kitty one too - lol. Keeping my eyes peeled for my next bunkie bag love.

  3. Thank you Jen, Peggie Sue, Monica Taylor and Terrilynn for the Bunkie Love!!

  4. Lovely post Jen! ^__^ I absolutely loved looking at all the different ones and reading your post was definitely a treat! *Hugs*

  5. WOW! These bags are absolutely amazing...pretty AND practical! Talk about a winning combination! Oh to live closer so I could visit your store to shop, creative, enjoy....So much fabulous inspiration!


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