October 30, 2015

Zip Pouch for MISTI

MISTI™ is the MOST INCREDIBLE STAMP TOOL INVENTED and if you don't have one, let's face it, you need one!
Those of us who have a MISTI™ understand that she needs to be loved, coddled and kept safe from the evils of the world, because let's face it, our lives would be lost if she were broken!   (I shudder just thinking of it!)  With that being said, Denise at Simply Charming Everyday aka Mom, created a fun little Zip Pouch to carry your MISTI™ in.  It is double padded to keep her safe and it is wide enough to not only hold your MISTI™, but the pad as well.
Keeping with the integrity of the MISTI™ she made sure to incorporate the MISTI™ pink color with her standard Zip Pouch so now MISTI™ has a super cool accessory to keep her safe!
Mom started by creating Bunkie Bags for us to use for Card Class and over the years, her Bunkie Bags have evolved into little bags of wonderfulness.  Every year during our Retreat, she creates a special bag for everyone to go home with and now we carry them in the shop.  
When MISTI came out, I needed something to a bit more "safe" to tote her back and forth from NM to AZ so off to the drawing board she went.  After several versions, sizes and fabrics, she found the perfect amount of insulation, the size we needed AND a fabric to coordinate with MISTI.   You would think with me being her daughter and all, I would get the FIRST Zip Pouch, but nope.  She sent it off to Iliana leaving me bagless.  Sad.  Unloved.  <sniff sniff>  I do suppose that I should be content with the fact that Iliana loves it and I will just have to wait for my own to come in.
Wait a minute!  Kim got one before me too!  Well holy shnikey's.  Mom, if you are reading this, I certainly hope that I have a special Zip Pouch coming my way!  ;)
Needless to say, if you are looking for something to keep MISTI™ safe, the Zip Pouch may just be the way to go!   Just think, you'll probably have one before me too!
Until next time,
Happy Stamping!
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  1. Yay! All hail mom! ^__^ These look beautiful! AND they are MISTI pink!!! I have seen the gorgeous Bunkie Bags too and swooned over them! For now I am saving up some money because let's face it, one bunkie with a matching misti pouch is just not enough for anybody... is it???


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