Introducing the 2016 Design Team

by - November 14, 2015

Good morning, everyone!  We have some super fun and exciting news today.  I am not sure many of you know this, but we are fast approaching the 1-year anniversary of the So Suzy Stamps Design Team.  Aside from having something fun planned for December 1st to commemorate the occasion, it is that time of year where we make a few adjustments to our team.

Along with the Design Team changes, we are also going to be focusing more on Guest Designers and other social media outlets.  The blog will NOT be going away, as a matter of fact, she is getting a face lift as we speak and I can't wait to unveil the new design later on this year/beginning of next.  So keep your eyes peeled for some fancy dangle new goodies in the coming weeks!

In the meantime, what do you say we get to some introductions.  Please join me in welcoming the new 2016 So Suzy Stamps Design Team!

Making her Design Team Debut is the amazing, the fabulous, the snarky and extremely talented Miss Chris Dayton!  As one of the incredible Admins to the Facebook Group Stamp Junkies, Chris brings a simple yet artistically dramatic flair to her cards.  She loves to take a stamp, work up some sort of glittery magic in her studio and transform it into something totally inspiring!  Plus, with 6 older brothers she can totally hang with the snarky kids!  :)

You can follow Chris on Facebook in the Stamp Junkies Group or on Instagram.

Returning to So Suzy Stamps, because I wouldn't let them go or because they threatened me bodily harm, are 5 of our original design team members!

Miss Justine is returning to So Suzy, gracing us with her YouTube Tutorials and wait until you see what else we are conspiring to bring you next year!!!!  Her style of combining the Clean and Simple with the vibrant and colorful is one that just keeps me entranced!  If you haven't checked out the special So Suzy Stamps YouTube Playlist that she put together, please head on over and check it out!  She has some fabulous creations and featurettes using the So Suzy Stamps.

She is the woman behind all of our creative ladies; past and present, she writes the posts, does the links and handles the day to day Design Team duties. This term we have decided to get Kymona out from BEHIND the team and get her back to doing what she loves most, making cards!  Aside from her ability to make cards like a dervish, you can stalk her on Instagram and see all of her fabulous creations!  (Did I mention that is how I found her?  Stalking her on Instagram early one morning!)

Monica is our Periscope Diva AND the magic behind the Vintage Passport Cards!  All of our ladies have a style that is her own and Monica totally owns the "vintage" style of card making.  Her Passport cards are often fought over in the shop, some blood has been shed and threats definitely made!  We try to keep a nice variety of vintage style stamps in stock so Monica can work her magic!

I am going to go all gooey here for a minute.  I LOVE MARTHA!  Martha reminds me of the true elegance and glamour of days gone by.  Not only does she make stunning cards, but she has a heart of gold mixed with a wee bit of snark.  She has a style very similar to Justine's and I know I get all excited when I see one and think to myself, "Hey!  I can totally make that!"  (Yep, I enjoy CASE'ing my own DT!)  Plus, Martha and I have a special surprise coming later on in 2016!!!  Yippee!!!

Our little crew wouldn't be complete without our resident caffeinated cat lover, Miss Jennifer!  She has more spunk in her little finger than the rest of us do put together, which is why we love her!  She keeps us inline and whey I say us I really mean me.  Not afraid to get inky, try different styles or even purchase a Copic or will come to the Copic side one of these days, she just dives right in and gives it a whirl!  I am still totally loving her Kitty Love card!! (Hmmm, Jennifer, you may need to send it to Stephan from the Kitty Cat Club, just to mess with him!)

Please take a minute or two to say hello and introduce yourselves to our new team!

Thank you so much to ALL of our Design Team Members and please be sure you check out the talented ladies who are on the team now and be sure and follow them on their blogs!

Steph Ackerman
Amy Almeida
Amy Davis
Payel Ray
Sharon Smith

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!

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  1. Woah! When did this happen! I think I have been in the exam mode for way too long!!! Super exciting!! ^__^ I am absolutely thrilled to see you here Chris! I love your style! And, Martha, Kymona, Justine, Jennifer and the passport specialist, Miss Monica... so glad that you lovely ladies will be continuing to inspire us (and mess up our shopping budgets!) ^__^ *Big Panda Hugs, and cos it's a special day 2x hugs for you all (including you Suzy, you know I love you)*

  2. Congrats ladies! You have a great Design Team, Suzy. Thank you the olders DT. I learned a lot with your creations. I hope to enjoy with the new DT jobs and with the surprises. Martha and Suzy, I can't wait for your special surprise... You're naughty.... ummmmmm. Bear hugs for all of you!!!!!!

  3. Fabulous! Congratulations! Can't wait to see what you come up with - these stamps are SO much fun :)

  4. Congrats returning design team members. I look forward to many more awesome creations. And Chris, I am so glad to see you join this talented is much deserved.


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