November 20, 2015

Saying Goodbye - It's All About Payel

Sometimes running a business isn't all what it is cracked up to be.  What I would really enjoy doing with my days, isn't necessarily what I end up doing.  Who wouldn't love to just make cards all day, catch up on sending little crafty hugs, being silly on Facebook and shopping for "must have" supplies?  Ok, I MAY get to do a lot of those things on a daily basis, but when it's time to put on the "business" hat, it gets a little less enjoyable.  The only thing worse than filing semi-annual taxes is having friends move on.  We had to make some tough decisions this past couple of months and I know I will not be the only person missing out on the friendships we have made over the last year.  

Some of our design team members will not be returning in December, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy their projects, cherish their friendships and continue to follow and cheer them on in their future endeavors.  Last transition, we started doing a fun feature on the friends who weren't rejoining the team and it was an absolute joy going back and doing a bit of reminiscing of some of my projects they have created.

Earlier this week, we said goodbye to Payel and her last project has got to be one of my all-time favorites and she has had a lot of great cards over the last 6 months.  The first time I saw one of Payel's cards was on DoubleClick Connect Instagram account.  Payel was a design team member for Carri and she had created this down right adorable card.

Seriously, how cute is this card?  We started chatting back and forth, we were having a DT Call and she ended up submitting an application at the last hour of the last day.  How crazy is that?!  Needless to say, she made the team and has been making cute cards using our stamps for the last 6 months!

One of the nifty features Payel has on her blog is a Photo Gallery where she stores projects in cute little albums so you can check out close up shots of her cards and the different focal points.  I highly recommend checking out the little albums, because she has some fabulous creations on that page.  But for today, I want to share with you MY favorite cards.

Pumpkins and Swirls
This is the card she created this past week and I LOVE IT!!!   It's so simple and elegant and let's face it, out of all of her cards, I could totally do this one!  Woo hoo!  

Sea World
Then there was this insanely cool Sea World card that she made when we introduced our sea critter stamps.  She even stepped out and made a couple of YouTube Videos on how to make Marco and Pluto.  

Christmas by the Sea
He he he, this one totally cracks me up!  I love the sunglasses and hula skirt she added to our little penguin friends and putting them in a tropical setting was just frikken fabulous!  

My Jurassic Park
Of course, who can not love the cute little dinos?  I have this card hanging up in the shop and the colors and the dinos just make me smile from all of the cuteness!

There are so many other cards she has created that I absolutely love, but I really think the best way to enjoy her little pieces of art would be to check out her Gallery page, she has some fabulous creations in there and what better way to pass the time on a Friday than by perusing through her past projects?

If you aren't already, please take a moment and go out and start following Payel on her social media sites to continue seeing all of her future endeavors and be sure and say hello!

Payel's Social Media Links

Thank you so much, Payel, for being a member of our Design Team.  I have absolutely loved the friendship we have created, the late night chats and the life you have brought to our stamps.  I cannot wait to see what other creative genius you bring to the crafting industry in the future!

Big hugs, my friend!
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  1. Dear Payel, for me it has been a pleasure to meet you and your creations. They really are amazing, fabulous, with a colorful striking and perfectly mastered. I will continue to admire your wonderful works wherever you are. Big hugs, my friend!!!! ^__^

  2. I have loved your creations Payel and will continue to be one of your loyal fans. You do fantastic work and I love seeing your creations.

  3. Your exquisite creations will be missed dear Payel. I wish you a lot of success in all your future crafty endeavors! Big Panda Hugs my friend. ^__^ <3


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