January 11, 2016

CHA - Our Exciting Highlights

Hello from Anaheim!

If you haven't been watching all of the silliness on FB, you may not know that Mom and I have been at CHA the past 5 days.  It has been a ton of fun, we have had a lot of shenanigans and were finally able to put personalities to Social Media faces!  Talk about WONDERFUL.  I must say that it was probably my favorite part about CHA, meeting those people I work or interact with on a regular basis.   I will admit that I am not a "fan girl".  Monica will be slightly sad that I didn't do a selfie with Timmy, but I did do a whole bunch with our Design Team members past and present!  Which Steph and Jenny, you had better post them or send them to me!  =)

Going anywhere with me is bound to have a few adventures, getting lost, yelling at the GPS and of course, a walk to security.

Poor Kymona, first I scare the poor woman half to death by intruding on her lunch and then I take her to the security building.  It's a good thing she loves me!  I will also say, that my Facebook Group Gals were downright HYSTERICAL while we were off in CHA-land.  Thank you for holding down the fort and making us all laugh with YOUR craziness!  I really do love those ladies!

I do have to give a special shout out to Kymona for taking loads of pictures and letting me steal them from her.  =)   You're the best!

There were several products that our little So Suzy Troublemaking Trio absolutely LOVED and I want to share those with you.  You have IG, FB and Twitter to show you mainstream products that "everyone" loves, so I am going to share with you some of MY favorites!

We stopped by the Prima booth first at CHA and ummmm, I may have gone a little crazy, because Kymona had to give me "the talk", but we did HAVE to get these!  I mean, come on?  They are super stinking cool and the latest watercolor amazingness.  These will definitely be coming to the shop!

Next up, we have the ultimate in cutting epicness!  Who needs an X-Acto knife when you can have the PenBlade?!   They are also up for one of the awards at CHA's Top Products.  Nikki and the girls are beyond wonderful and Kymona is going to be doing a special post on them, so please keep an eye out.  Needless to say, I fell in love with Nikki and the PenBlades and I ordered a TON of them!

A video posted by Kymona Tracey (@kreativekymona) on

Next up on my list of MUST HAVES are the INSANELY COOL stencils from Barbara Gray!  Not only is she downright amazingly fun and sweet, she has the coolest stencils!  They are super thick, very intricate and when you use her magic brushes, you can create the most fascinating scenes!

After watching her use the brushes and create a fabulous scene using her tree stencil, Kymona elbowed me and said, "we need that!".  Who am I to argue???

This is the stencil and card that totally caught my eye!  Can you believe this is just ink sponged over embossing paste and then embossed with glittery embossing powder???  Oh ya, TOTALLY loving this one!!!!!!

The glitter on these poppies totally sparkle and my lack of picture taking abilities do not do them justice.

Then the mosaic tiles....can we say OMG!?!  I am pretty sure I love Barbara.

I also found all sorts of little embellishments that are going to be fun to use on cards, but I didn't get pictures so you'll just have to wait until they come in.  =)

If you are around me very much, I have an affinity for bitching about the lack of culinary choices in my little town.  And when I say bitching I am putting it MILDLY.  So today, we ended our shopping excursions with my all time favorite food...

Crispy Green Beans from PF Chang's!   Talk about HEAVEN!   (Sometimes it is the little things in life that make a girl happy!)

We do have a special little So Suzy Stamps sneak peek that Kymona has posted on her IG account so if you want to see something SUPER COOL coming in February, check it out and see if you can spot it!

We are almost finished with CHA, for our first time, it was quite fun.  Opening day was definitely crazy, but this girl LOVED the second day.  It was a lot more quiet, I could talk with vendors, check out the products and spend a bit more time learning about them.  Very relaxed, very laid back and I am one very happy lady!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!

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  1. So excited to see all the new products in your shop! Can't wait. :)

  2. I need you to get me the entire set of distress crayons. Please. I need them!

  3. I need you to get me the entire set of distress crayons. Please. I need them!

  4. I LOVED reading this! ^__^ So many happy crafty things to wait for!!! T__T Ironically, the wait is killing. I don't have Instagram account but I am still gonna try and see if I can get a peek, if not I am making an account. :D *Big Panda Hugs*

  5. You kill me! Wow you find new ways to spend our money, I find you new customers! :-*

  6. Those pen blades looked epic! And why didn't you tell me how much you love crispy green beans? When you're up here, we're getting a truckload of those delicious bad boys.


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