February 2, 2016

Let's Get Inky - Peacock Plumes

Did you stock up on your So Suzy Ink Bites yesterday?  I have to say that I am terribly in love with the new ink collections and my most favorite at the moment is definitely Peacock Plumes.  I am such a "regal" color kind of gal; from my love of peacocks, to the colors of my clothes, I love deep rich colors that our Peacock Plumes Collection of inks.

Each collection has 6 fabulous colors, but Peacock Plumes is ultra special due to TWO inks.  The first ink in the collection is Petunia Pink.  =)  Do I REALLY need to explain why?  Of course, I do, because it's fun!

Let's take a quick trip back to August 2014 when I was introduced to MISTI by Misty.  After a "fan-girl" style email to the inventor of the MISTI, I not only received my first of many MISTI's, but I made a dear friend.  The last year and a half have been crazy for both of our companies and although we are surrounded by friends and family who support us, sometimes it is nice having a friend who truly understands what it means to own and run a business;  the joys, the laughs, the pounding your head on the nearest hard surface, silliness that has you giggling for WEEKS on end.

When I decided to take the leap on setting up our own ink line after talking to Effie, I called Iliana and we decided that we needed a Petunia Pink to go with MISTI.  Here is a tidbit of background info that very possibly could come up in some out of the box So Suzy Trivia, Petunia Pink was ORIGINALLY named Boysenberry Blossom, but it matches the My Sweet Petunia pink that it was completely obvious it HAD to be renamed Petunia Pink!  (Plus, ummmm, Iliana pointed out that Boysenberry really wasn't pink....fine, I like alliteration and I couldn't help myself!)

It matches PERFECTLY and it really couldn't have been any other color name.  So thank you, Iliana for showing me the error of my Boysenberry ways!  You truly are the BEST HB EVER!

To be honest, I would love to have all of my inks match my own line of paper, but right now that is just not in the cards.  However, I have tried my hardest to match the inks to as many papers, Liquid Pearls, Stickles, Skittles and other embellishments as I can find.  It just so happens that I was able to match a paper to Petunia Pink!  I am going to have a full list of matching papers and embellishments at the end of this post, but right now I want to finish with our SECOND special color in the Peacock Plumes set.

Now you know I cannot have an ink collection names Peacock Plumes without having a color named after Phineas!  That would be a tragedy of grand proportions and we just can't have THAT!

I was reminded that Regal Phineas should be purple, but Phineas broke the mold of regal purple and has definitely strutted his stuff in this stunning blue teal that is ALL Phin!  I truly do love that bird!

Now that you have met our two special inks, how about I introduce you to the rest of the line up and give you the details on what sort of fabulous papers and embellishments match them.

Petunia Pink
  Paper: Berry Sensation by Bazzill

Highland Heather
  Liquid Pearls: Hydrangea
  Skittles: Plum
  Stickles: Magenta

Royal Phineas
  Paper: Island Breeze by Bazzill

Celestial Sky
  Paper: Whirly Pop by Bazzill
  Skittles: Denim

Plum Passion
  Paper: Plum Pudding Dotted Swiss by Bazzill
  Liquid Pearls: Majestic Purple

Buttercup Blast
  Paper:  Banana Split by Bazzill
  Liquid Pearls: Buttercup

Highland Heather and Totally Turtle

I hope this little list helps you with your So Suzy Ink Bite matching up and if you find something fun out in the big wide world that matches perfectly, please let us know!  I would love to add it to our growing collection!

Tomorrow we will have some Coastal Breeze fun!

Until then,
Happy Stamping!
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