February 6, 2016

Spring is Coming

Spring is coming!
Bright and Sunny with Showers
Wedding showers, Baby showers, Engagement showers!
Easter… tulips and bunnies!  Fun Stamps!

As Suzy and I drove to CHA in California this January, we chatted about all of the upcoming events at So Suzy Stamps this year and what part Simply Charming Everyday would play. Bunkie Bags are going to get a work out this year!  With the Retreat, Stamp of the Month, Holidays and Special Occasions and of course a few surprises!  

Kymona, Kim and Aimee Ann asked about Scan n’ Cut covers. I was pretty tickled with the addition of these to our collection.   

 Well, we had no idea the fun and excitement that the Mini Misti was going to create! The Mini Misti Pouch was created!  Wait till you see some of the fun I’m having with these! Then the Accessory Bag was born!  Oh Ya! I’m on a roll, I love zippers as much as I love buttons!

Thanks to Martha we now have a Cricut Cover!  No picture as yet, she’s a little shy. 

We talked about all of the multi-tasking that Bunkies can do. Our favorite little craft bag is not just for tape, scissors and glue dots! They make great Baby Shower gift bags too, load it up with diaper changing needs, spare bottles, burp cloths, bibs and it becomes a mobile changing station!  With the right fabric any new Daddy would be OK with watching his little buddy during his favorite sport season!

Wedding showers are due soon!  Bunkie loves to party with the girls! Include the Mini Misti Pouch and the Accessory Bag and some custom made Thank You cards and you have a set the bride will love! She can use the bags on her honeymoon for jewelry, cosmetics, or as a small clutch for those walks on the beach. Lol.  These bags all make great gifts for bride maids too!

Easter is early this year, Sunday March 27.  We have a Baby Bunkie coming out this month that is a perfect size for your little bunny’s Easter basket! Just enough to be fun and so cute you’ll want one for yourself!  After all how much candy can you really put into something this small? 

The Baby Bunkie was born in 2008 and was our first So Suzy Stamps Craft Bunkie, but as our card making passion grew so did the Bunkie Bag!  I brought her back after another request for a smaller bag for birthday parties. Rachel prepare yourself! Princess Bunkie will be joining us in March too.  With a tiny little tutu! I can’t wait to make one for myself and of course Suzy!

All of these new bags, Misti Zip Pouch, Mini Misti Pouch and the Accessory Bag can multi task with the best!  Misti Zip is a great all around carrier for projects whether it’s your on- the- go card making kit during sport season with the kids or sketch pad & pencils.  Mini Misti fits your IPad Mini with the hard case on, and other tablets. They both can double as a clutch purse. Your phone, small wallet and sun glasses will all fit.

I would like to Thank You, you are the creators of all of these fabulous ideas,  I just make them for all to see and use.  

Love you all!

Simply Charming Everyday
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  1. Oh boy! I'm going to be in trouble! Princess Bunkie! So sweet! :-)

  2. Oh boy! I'm going to be in trouble! Princess Bunkie! So sweet! :-)

    1. Rachel, Princesses don't get into trouble, they just have to put their tiara's away for a little while. Hugs! momma

  3. Love all your bags. They are so versatile. I keep the largest tote packed for the hospital with all my Mom's medical papers and I use the matching Misti bag to corral all my own personal items within the big bag so I can pick it up at a moments notice and go. I also have another Misti bag for the original Misti, the Mini-Misti bag for my Mini-Misti, the smaller accessory bag and 3 of the bunkie bags I hang in a row on the wall for craft storage. I am on the look out for another that speaks to me. Love the quality and the design. Love <3

    1. Hi TerriLynn, I use mine as my Go Bag too. My hubby always has Dr. appointments and the occasional hospital stay. I'm glad they make these events a little easier for you.
      If you like roses I have a beautiful complete collection coming out in March that all co-ordinate with each other. Scan & Cut cover, Misti, Mini Misti, Accessory Pouch and Bunkie! If not, please let me know what you like and I'll see what I can find :). Thanks for being a part of the Bunkie Family!

  4. The high quality of the bags, sewn so well and the great taste, of momma den bunkie, for the fabric make this product the most improved bag of our mistis

  5. I have many Bunkies of all sizes including my BSC cover, white with pink ribbons...love it. When my hubby was in the hospital the bags came in very handy for a few necessities and they are great fun to show. My first one was a bag for our Bibles on Sunday for church, I was hooked.

    1. Hi A! I loved the BSC cover you got! My mom saw the first one I made like that and instantly adopted it for her own BSC, lol. Like you, my mom uses her bunkies for her Bible at Church and loves the attention she gets! Now I make them to go with her favorite outfits :). Thank you for the comment, it's so nice hear from you.

  6. Thanks ladies, I'm so happy that you are actually using these fun and handy bags. I am working on the bags that are coming out in the next few months, they are beautiful and cute!

  7. Wow! This is awesome! ^__^ So many new ones in various colorful fabrics! Love the idea of a bunkie bag for baby shower, till now I only thought of them as super adorable bags that can house craft supplies! Special thanks to the awesome ladies whose ideas lead to so many fun versions of these bags! *Big Hugs* <3


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