March 13, 2016

Sprucing Up the Envelopes

Last week Justine started her month long featurette on decorating envelopes and quite frankly, I couldn't be happier!  I am so addicted to decorating envelopes whether it is to compliment my cards or just because it's quick and easy, decorating envelopes is one of my favorite past times.

After watching her YouTube video about some of the basics of jazzing up your envelopes, I snagged up my Clarity Brushes, grabbed a bunch of envelopes and started having some fun.

For this envelope I used the Abstract Square Clarity Stencil, Clarity Brushes, Regal Phineas Ink, Totally Turtle Ink and our Dragonfly stamp.  I positively love the creamy finish on the Stampin' Up envelopes and the brushes along with our inks just brush on so smoothly and give the envelope an even crisp look.

Earlier this month we had our Easter Card Class and we had a spray of these bubbles stenciled on our card with a cute little Bunny in an egg sitting inside of the large bubble.  Talk about ADORABLE.  With the card being so stinking cute, I couldn't let the envelope be naked and boring!  So I moved the Jo's Bubbles Stencil to the envelope and brushed on Bumblebee Breeze and Caribbean Coral to give this a fun and cheery look.

For the March Release, Justine created these create Adult Coloring Book inspired cards and I loved it so much, I made a slew for my little nieces and send them off with some markers and individual Kool-Aid packs so they could have a little faux "tea party" while they colored their cards.  Of course, Aunt Suzy couldn't let the envelopes be sent out ordinary, so I stamped the Flower Flourish Stamp in the corner and added just spots of color to the envelope.  It adds just enough pop of color to make the envelope fun and pretty!

For the last envelope, I actually have a surprise!  This is a sneak peek of what is coming in April and I couldn't be more excited!!!!

How wonderful are these flowers?????   The sentiment I used for the card on this one is just WONDERFUL and it definitely reminds me of spring!  The flowers were stamped in Plum Passion, Petunia Pink, Highland Heather and Lilac Love.  They will be coming out on April 1st so be sure and snag your flowers before they are gone!  

With all of the fun Justine and I have been having with the envelopes, we have decided to do a contest in our Facebook Group.  Join us in the group and add YOUR decorated envelopes to the special album and you could win a set of envelopes decorated by little ol' me!  (Seeing that I RARELY ever send any cards, this is pretty darn spiffy and special!  LOL)

If you want to see more techniques on decorating your envelopes, be sure and check out Justine's blog tomorrow to see what all she has in store for you!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!!!
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  1. Fantastic inspiration and fabulous projects...thanks x

  2. Adorables!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  3. These are beautiful. I never even thought of decorating envelopes. Definitely something to think about for my next card.

  4. I love to decorate envelopes.. Just never really did it, not sure why. But thanks to Justine and Suzy I am going to start again

  5. Oh my goodness, those are so pretty!


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