March 26, 2016

The details make the card

Hi everyone. It's Monica from Taylormadecards4u. I have been making cards for over 5 years now, and like many of you, my focus to detail is usually on the front cover of the card. We take our time to make sure our papers match and that our image is stamped perfectly.  We add our embellishments and many times finish it off with a sentiment. 

It wasn't until recently that a friend reminded me about how simple small details can turn a good card into a great card. We take such care in making the outside beautiful, we forget to finish the inside. How wonderful would it be to not only get a beautiful card and open it up and see that the inside matches. Not only is it beautiful, but the extra card stock adds to the weight of the card to make it very sturdy.

Justine also reminded me this month with her series to create matching envelopes. It takes very little extra effort to stamp the envelope. Afterall, we already have the ink and the stamp out right?

But it is the subtle touches as well. The green leaves I added to the vines, the three butterflies that pop. They turn a good card into a great card.


So it is good to step back and evaluate your work, or better yet, ask a friend, what could I do to turn a good card into a great card? I am really glad that I did!


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  1. Miss Monica! Look at you! This turned out positively WONDERFUL!!! Love all of the additional pieces of your card and envelope and it totally transformed the whole thing! GREAT job, woman!

    1. Thanks so much! It really is amazing how just a few changes make such a difference.

  2. Great advise Monica! *Hangs head in shame* Yep, I am that person with the poorly hand-written inside and without a decorative envelope but I have begun creating matching envelopes for my cards now. Hmm.. and the insides? Gonna take baby steps and just mat it with patterned paper for now, but your project... wow! Blown me away. I loved the addition of the green leaves and how you decorated the inside and the envelope! *Big Panda Hugs* <3

    1. I am so glad you are taking the plunge! You will be so happy with the subtle changes!


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