May 20, 2016

It's All About Jennifer

He he he So Jennifer has NO IDEA that I am doing this right now.  She just thinks that I totally forgot to blog this morning and she has nothing to promote today.  Truth be told, today is all about her!

Miss Jennifer is one of our original Design Team members and has been uber supportive of not only So Suzy Stamps, but of me.  She puts up with crazy texts from me, cat videos from my husband and her and my mother love to gang up on me to keep me in line.  (I will admit, I do need it...sometimes!)

When we were planning our new growth for this year, I knew that Jennifer brought more to the proverbial table than just as a DT member and I definitely needed more help.  I needed a second Suzy, someone who was just as perky, could handle the troops, throw out the snark when needed and fill in while I was back home visiting my family.  Jen fit the bill like no other.

May marks the last month of her Design Team duties and June will officially start her take over of the So Suzy Stamps Social Media Universe!  She has already been kicking butt and taking names AND she is still putting up with my late night rants over mini bottles of Captain Morgan, lack of a foot stool and my extreme frustration with sharp kitty claws.  (I probably don't pay her enough, but let's not tell her that!)

Before she hangs up her DT hat, what do you say we take a stroll down memory lane and check out some of her fabulous creations over the last 18 months!

This may be one of my favorites!

Love the colors in this card!

The eyeballs are just a riot!

He he he the penguin is eating the little fishies!

Well, this nails Jennifer, doesn't it?


Although, you will still be seeing Jennifer on Facebook and Instagram as our town crier, please be sure and check out her blog to stay up to date on all of her fabulous card creations and be sure and leave her a bit of love!

Happy Stamping!
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