May 18, 2016

It's All About Chris

Since Terri gave me a hard time about her eulogy...I mean, goodbye post, I figured I better switch up my posts a bit and just call it "All About Chris"!  Miss Chris is taking care of a couple of super cute little dudes and is taking a break for a bit to suck up some major cuddles, sweet smiles and lots of Nana time with two precious little people and who can blame her?

While she is off enjoying long walks, I figured it may be a great time to show off some of her crafty creations over the last 6 months so she doesn't forget how its done!  he he he

He he he - I love the snark in this one!

How cool is this set?

Chris has a talent for taking a simple silhouette stamp like the Fairy and turning her into a palette for something more.

Until she used this stamp as a repeater at the top of the card, I really hated this stamp and didn't want to release it.  Now, I am SO glad that I did!

Just like the silhouette stamps, Chris took this sketched stamp and turned it into a beautiful watercolor style image.  Love it!

Used with the Mirror Image Stamp
 THIS is one of the many fabulous things you can do with the Mirror Image stamp!!!

I am so blessed to have had Chris as part of our Design Team and breathing a new style of life into our stamps.  Inspiration comes from so many things and I am beyond thankful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow from her extreme talent.

You can keep following Chris on her blog and find her in Stamp Junkies on Facebook!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping!
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  1. Enjoy your baby cuddles and long walks. Your cards are awesome....glad to see you will still be doing your blog and be active with Stamp Junkie's.

  2. Enjoy your nana time dear Chris and thank you so much for inspiring us with your fabulous work! ^__^ Gonna continue seeing more of your work over at stamp junkies! *Big Panda Hugs* <3

  3. We will miss you, Chris! Enjoy all the cuddles! And nap time lol!

  4. It was fun walking down the Chris Dayton hall of fame....fabulousness! Enjoy your time with family!


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