September 17, 2016

So Suzy Podcast

Have you heard the news?  We are now on iTunes and have a podcast!  I cannot tell you how excited I am by all of this.  It has been a long time since I have been on the radio and had a podcast and I must admit I have missed it.  My mom has been trying to talk me into doing a crafting podcast for years, but I just couldn't wrap my head around doing a podcast on crafting when there is YouTube.  Crafting is so visual so a podcast seemed a bit far-fetched.  Then I had an epiphany.  (I really should listen to Mama more.)

There are so many questions that need answered regarding the "behind the scenes" of the crafting world and a podcast is the PERFECT platform to address those questions.  From selling your cards, to finding your card making style, being on a Design Team, enhancing your skill and so much more.  This is where we can help, this is how we can combine our love for the crafting industry with doing our podcast, it all comes together right here twice a month.

Our first podcast, Selling Your Cards, went live on September 9th and our next one will be released this Friday.  You can take a listen to last week's episode so you are up to speed, but be sure and either subscribe to our Podcast via email or on iTunes so you don't miss our Finding Your Cardmaking Style episode.  We have some fabulous interviews with a few of our favorite card makers!

Traditionally, you can find the show notes on the So Suzy Podcast blog, but for today, I am going to make it easy and post them here.  Enjoy!

Show Notes and Links

  • Think outside of the box as to WHERE you can sell your cards
  • Identify the needs of WHO will be buying them
  • Set yourself APART from the competition
  • Make EXTRA money because of the extra attention to detail
  • FOCUS on your photographs and presentation
Oak Creek Print Works for jackets and sleeves

An example of a portion of the set up I used for selling my cards through open houses in my home.


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