Getting Ready for the New Year

by - December 26, 2016

Here is a little bit of throw back fun, back in the day I was a professional organizer for businesses.  I absolutely loved it, I was on a radio show, spoke professionally at business conferences and worked with some amazing people and companies.  However, one thing I never organized was craft rooms.  They weren't my "thing", Scrapbooking was huge and I didn't have a clue as to what it even was, let alone pretend I was an "expert" in the area so I just didn't touch it.  Fast forward 10 years and now look where I am.  Right smack dab in the middle of crafty heaven.

As the end of the year sneaks up on us, we have visions of unlimited craft supplies with a never-ending room to put our treasures in.  One that is beautiful, clean, uncluttered and organized.  We watch videos, pin images to our "Craft Room" Pinterest boards and make New Year's Resolutions to get more organized.

We plot, we plan and then a couple days into it we fail.

Guess what?  

  1. You are not alone
  2. You did NOT fail
You just had unrealistic expectations for yourself and it happens.  With so many "pretty" craft rooms out there it's hard to image the reality behind them.  

A clean craft room is an unloved craft room.

Honestly, look at this craft room? It is one of the most re-pinned images from Pinterest and it's so pretty!

I mean, I just want to run my little toes through the rug on the floor...oh wait, no I don't!

OMG!  A white fluffy rug????

Do you know how much glitter, ink splotches, cat/dog hair and not to mention fallen Nuvo Drops would be in that rug????

How in the hell could I even make a card in that room???  I would totally stain it.

Now, this looks more like a room I would be comfortable in...oh wait, it IS because it's MINE!  Every single messy square inch is all me!  (I am pretty sure this was a marginally good day, too.)

Do you know how much LOVE goes through this disaster zone?  
  1. This is where I print off your orders and postage so they can go out to you the same day as you order them...most days.
  2. This is where I sit and laugh with you on Facebook.
  3. This is where I swear and beat my desk while I update our new website (ok, that's not love, but it will be!)
  4. This is where I send lovey dovey emails to my husband during the day while he is at work.
  5. This is where I make cards for our card classes in the shop so we can have girlie time laughs.
  6. This is where I come up with hair brain ideas for give-a-ways and prizes.
  7. This is where I secretly stalk Henry Cavill on social media.
  8. This is where I dream, where I plan, where I create.
  9. THIS is my slice of heaven.
  10. It's not pretty, it's not clean, but it is all MINE.
Bottom-line, as beautiful as some craft rooms may be, do not think that just because yours isn't staged for a photo shoot, that you are a failure.

These "glammed up and organized" spaces are a farce.  

We have lives, children, husbands, jobs, pets, parents, happy hours, Blacklist coming back on, friends to socialize with, stamps to clean after we use them, deadlines to meet and somewhere in all of that we need to find our way to the bedroom for some shut eye.  Essentially, we have full lives and we plan on LIVING in every single one of those moments.  However, knowing how YOU work and think, is going to be extremely helpful in assisting you if you are planning on organizing things a bit for the new year.

There are three main styles of organizing; 
Visual, Inspirational and Logical.  

I am going to tell you what I used to tell my business clients, just because you WANT to be a certain style doesn't mean you ARE.  Don't set yourself up to fail.  Identify your style and embrace it.

visual organizer/crafter is going to need to see EVERYTHING.  If they don't see it, they lose it or forget they have it.  (That's me, by the way!)  Hide it behind a closed cupboard door or a paper lined box and it may as well have been swallowed by a black hole.

An inspirational organizer/crafter will be the "pretty" craft rooms.  You're anal, have OCD and there isn't anything wrong with it, IF that is what you need to inspire you to create.  But they may not be realistically functional for everyone, but they do look good.

Then we have the logical organizer/crafter.  Those of you who fall into this category are my heroes.  You can have all of your goodies nicely tucked away in the perfect place for you that is both organized and functional.  It may not be all IKEA'fied, but your grandmother's old hutch is the perfect place to put your Big Shot, Scan N Cut and paper cutter.  When you are finished with a project, you put your items away and it's easy because it makes SENSE.

 Justine Hovey is a great example of a Logical Crafter and she has a splendid YouTube series on how she organizes her little crafty space.  If you are lacking in space for your crafting supplies, watch Justine's video series.  They are GREAT!

So before you go and buy hundreds of dollars of new craft room organizing tools for the new year, ask yourself, "What is my organizing style?"  

Not what you WANT to be, but what you ARE.  When you have this identified, THEN start your planning process.

I won't tell you to NOT look at Pinterest and watch every video that will be making its way around Facebook, because let's face it, they are fun and you may find a bit of inspiration that will work perfectly for you.  Just don't fall into the pit of despair comparing yourself to others.  You are YOU and you are great at being YOU.  

My studio is the actual entry way into my house. It would traditionally be the living room and dining room, but in my house it's So Suzy Stamps headquarters.  Every time someone comes over, they have to walk through my space to get to where the action is.  When the Domino's guy comes over, guess what he sees?  My craft room.  I used to stress out when I knew my in-laws were coming over and I had shit everywhere, but you know what?

I don't have time to stress, if my space is messy that means:

  • I am BUSY.  
  • I am WORKING.  
  • I am CREATING!  (Even if it is a big mess.)

I had to put on my Organizer hat and tell myself to look at the bigger picture.  I need to be productive, not little miss neat freak.  Does this give me a pass to be a dirty slob?  No.  But it does empower me to be productive and to organize my space in a way that is convenient for me.

As beautiful as these washy tape drawers are, it certainly isn't the best solution for me and I would totally forget I had them.

For me, this cute little dish that Janis gave me is perfect!  

It's right next to my work space, I snag tape quickly and I can throw it back in.  As much as I love color coding, my trying to find what I need and putting it right back is going to be a NIGHTMARE.  I am a visual organizer/crafter, I need to see my stuff and I need to be able to put it away quickly or it will just sit on my desk hiding underneath papers, scraps or a notebook.

Over the next week, I am going to be posting some pictures on Instagram with convenient, functional and organized areas of my craft space, if you want to check it out, feel free to follow us or search for #organizedconvenience to find our helpful tidbits.  

If you want to share your craft room projects, 
be sure and tag your photos with
 #sosuzycraftroom so we can find you!

Regardless of your organizing style, in order for you to be your crafty bad ass self find the style that works for you, embrace that style and have fun checking out Pinterest!  

Until next time,
Happy Stamping Organizing!

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  1. I have changed my scraproom a lot of times. Never is perfect and always is thinking about changing in other way. I go crazy!!!

  2. It appears i have the perfect craft room lol . I can find nearly everything as long as i am not organised lololol!!!


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