January 8, 2017

Are You Ready to Be on a Design Team?

Have you ever wanted to be on a Design Team, but had no clue where to start, how to find one or what you needed to do?

Maybe you have all of the details, but don't think you are "good enough" or ready to be on one.

This year, I think it is time to take all of those doubts and throw them out with last year's fruit cake.

Our latest online class is ready for pre-enrollment and it is all about getting you ready to be a Design Team Asset.  Even if you have already cut your teeth on your first Design Team, this session is designed to make you an invaluable resource to the company you are designing for and help you obtain your "Dream Design Team".

Plus, we will have the insider scoop of what some of the industry favorites are looking for when they select their ideal team members.

Enrollment starts now and the session begins on February 1st!

See you there!


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