January 28, 2017

Do You Want to Be on a Design Team?

The industry has been a-buzz with goals and we are definitely taking advantage of the new year, changes in the industry and following our own dreams.  During Creativation, the ladies and I discussed our plans for the new year.  We plotted world domination in our Setting Up Goals podcast earlier this month and the new AFCI formerly CHA is giving away 30% off a start up membership when you tell us your Start Up Plan.

Through it all, one of the most frequent goals we have seen on social media is that of finally being on a Design Team.  You have spent years making cards, learning new techniques, honing in your skill and this is the year you go after your goal!

Launching on February 1st, our new How to Be on a Design Team Session goes over everything you need to know on what to expect, what you need, how to be the best and finding the right company to fit your style.  This is a 7-Day Course (Session) that will help guide you on your journey. If you are currently on Design Teams, but feel like you need a refresher course or help obtaining your Dream Design Team goal, this online class will help rejuvenate your love, hone your focus and show you how to obtain your goal.

Day One - Will get you prepared for the coming week, our expectations and a quick homework assignment.

Day Two - We delve into what a Design Team is, their responsibilities and how to make sure you are prepared to be on a team.

Day Three - Is helping you identify and understand your DT goals and finding the right company to fit your style.

Day Four - You made the Team, now what?  We want you prepared and fully understanding the expectations and dos and don'ts of being on a DT.

Day Five - Understanding the lingo and making sure you do not epically fail during your first Design Team Blog Hop.

Day Six - You'll hear from the stamp companies who have Design Teams and what they look for and a special bonus surprise!  We will also be doing an in-depth review of your work and sites.

Day Seven - Is our wrap up day along with important resources for you to use during your search!

If your goal for the coming year is finally be on a Design Team, we would love for you to join us in our So Suzy Session!  Pre-enrollment is available and the class starts on February 1st!

See you there!!


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