February 11, 2017

Romance, Roses and Bunkie Bags!

How lucky am I, that I get to make and play with pretty things?  I know I'm not the only one.  You feel the same way, right?  

Today, I'm showcasing the newest addition to the Bunkie Bag kingdom, those darling little totes made by Miss Denise from Simply Charming Everyday.  They are sold in Suzy's shop and Miss Denise also makes the custom Misti covers and just about anything else you might need fabric-wise.   Check out all the fabric products available here, and don't forget you can click on the link found under that category, if you need something custom ordered.  Denise can find just about any fabric you can think of, including your favorite cartoon characters, Disney, Peanuts...you name it.

 I've also made a card today to match my Bunkie which is aptly titled, "Pink Roses", using several stamps; Rose BloomFancy Butterfly and Love and Happiness, along with other fun goodies that can be found at So Suzy Stamps .

First, let me share a few tips on how I made my card.  I started with black Neenah cardstock cut for a #10 business size card, 9.25" by 8" and scored at 4".  I cut a piece of Strathmore watercolor paper (#300 series) at approximately 1/4" less in dimension than the black card and used the smooshing technique for my watercolor paper, using So Suzy Ink Bites in Simply Sinful from the Autumn Equinox Ink Bites collection, and Caribbean Coral from the Coastal Breeze Ink Bites collection.  Smooshing simply involves pressing your ink pad onto a craft mat, spritzing with water and pressing your watercolor paper into the mix.  Allow one color to dry before proceeding with the next.   A heat emboss tool helps speed things along.  If your paper buckles or warps, fear not..... you can turn your design over and use an iron for just a minute to iron out the warps.

I love the new Bunkie Bag so much, that I wanted to incorporate some of the elements in my card, such as the roses which were stamped and masked using my Misti, and colored with the same inks that I used for smooshing.  I wanted to add polka dots as well so I used the end of a colored pencil dipped in black ink to make dots, a plaid stencil for the mini dots and a larger stencil to add Inka Gold  textured paste in fuschia, rubbing it in with my finger.  I also sponged on some heart shapes with a foam sponge, but my butterfly is hiding one of them and the other is a little hidden by a rose.  

Here's a close up of my sentiment.  The white ribbon that you see was about 2 feet of white tulle ribbon that was burned, stretched and ripped for this little piece.  Isn't it great texture?  Here's how: take a 2 foot strip and just wad it up.  Press Versamark all over it and sprinkle with white embossing powder.  Remove your excess powder.  Sprinkle with glitter and remove the excess glitter.  Now place your "goop" (haha) in a box and grab your heat gun.  Start melting your ribbon.  It takes a few minutes but you will eventually start to get results.  Be VERY CAREFUL not to burn your fingers.  Use a tool, skewer, anything to turn your ribbon over and burn some more on the other side.  Don't let things get so hot that you set your house on fire!  You may notice a little smoking and that's typical.  The glitter wasn't sticking as well as I had hoped, so I added some squirts of glue and more sprinkles, then heated some more.  Let it cool before you try to work with it, otherwise you will experience what is known as a "Burson"; not listening to your own advice and burning your fingers.  Let me tell you, if you thought a finger burn from hot glue is bad, a finger burn from hot embossing  powder is no piece of cake.

Please forgive me if I'm extra lengthy today but there were so many details on this card that are extra special and I really want you to know how you can re-create some of these special touches, such as the Fancy Butterfly.  Oh my heavens, this is one of my favorite stamps from Suzy.  Ok, it IS my favorite stamp.  I've used it so many times.  This is one that you MUST have in your collection.  The detail is exquisite.   Believe it or not, it was super easy to achieve.  Grab a piece of acetate.  Know what I used? A piece that one of my stamps clung to.  Get your Versamark and stamp on your acetate.  Add black Nuvo embossing powder around the edges ONLY.  When you tap off the excess, a little will get on the remainder of your butterfly and that is what we want.  After you heat it with your embossing tool, fussy cut the entire butterfly.  

Now, turn it over, grab some Sharpies and Suzy's Simply Sinful ink bite.  I used 2 different green sharpies to color the backside of my butterfly, then pressed some ink bites directly onto my butterfly and used a waterbrush to move the colors around a little.  Dry with your heat tool again.  Bend both wings inward and use a glue strip or scor-tape to adhere.  The beauty of this is, the butterfly will fold flat for mailing, then pop up again.

Lastly, I also added some pop to the inside of my card, to coordinate with the outside.  You can add a different sentiment, but I plan on giving this to my parents for their Anniversary.

Back to the Bunkie Bag, now.  I folded back the bag so you can see this sweet tag that Miss Denise stitched inside that says "Made with Love".  What a nice touch!

Isn't this bag simply divine?  I love it so, so much.  The stitching is top notch, those heart buttons are just too precious.....plus, it's the perfect size for tossing in some crafting on the go.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I'm a working girl, but I love crafting on my lunch break.  Plus, it allows me the opportunity to make some of my deadlines as well, squeezing in some extra time, here and there.  As of this writing, I'm headed to New York in a few days and guess what's coming on the plane with me?  You guessed it.  I'm bringing a very large purse with a Bunkie Bag tucked inside filled with some stamped images to color.  That way, I can stow my purse, and keep my craft supplies handy.  All the other passengers will be so jealous.  I may just have to share the crafty fun with my traveling neighbor.

Thanks so much for being so patient with me today.  I hope you are inspired to try some new techniques and best of all, bring the newest Bunkie Bag home with you!


Purchase Fancy Butterfly, here.

Purchase Rose Bloom, here.

Purchase Love and Happiness, here.

Purchase Nuvo embossing powder here:

Purchase So Suzy Ink Bites, here.

Purchase the Pink Roses Bunkie Bag, here.

Purchase Misti, here.

Purchase Happy Anniversary, here.
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  1. Terri this card & post is outstanding! Love the techniques and the pop up butterfly is all that and more!!
    Thank you for all of the Bunkie Love! Safe travels.

  2. Terri, your card is so, so pretty. The Bunkie Bag is cute!

  3. Both the card and Bunkie Bag are beautiful! Love the pop-up butterfly!


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