March 11, 2017

New Spring Misti Zip Pouches!

It's Terri here, and I've got the newest Misti Zip Pouch in my possession, made by our resident seamstress extraordinaire, Miss Denise from Simply Charming Everyday.  I am loving these butterflies!  They are so gorgeous and this large zip pouch is lined with all the bells and whistles.   It's perfectly sized for the Original Misti Stamping Tool and will be winging it's way soon, to So Suzy Stamps

I've also created a card, inspired by the new Butterfly Misti Zip Pouch.  It features the Fancy Butterfly Stamp, the Sunny and Bright sentiment and lots of So Suzy Ink Bites.

I've got a 3 minute technique video at the end of this post that shows the process of partial stamping with the Misti and water coloring with So Suzy Ink Bites.  First, let me show a couple things that I love about this fantabulous pouch.  Yes, I said fantabulous.  Miss Denise has driven me to use big words again.  For example, the super cute butterfly embellishment, attached to the zipper.  Eeek!  Love it!

Then there's the padded lining that is polka dot perfection and just right for Spring.  Your Misti is going to love it's new home; safe and warm and protected from bumps and bruises.  I just love how Miss Denise puts such loving, tender care into each and every product and it truly shows.

You can see how this gorgeous zip pouch inspired me in creating this card.  I pulled colors from some of the butterflies to incorporate into this card.  Even the spots on the blue butterfly above.  They made their way onto my card as did some Skittles bubble embellishments.  As you can see, I also embellished my sentiment by adding a little silver/grey shading with a gel pen, then some additional tweaking with a black glitter pen.  There's no reason why you can't sometimes jazz up your sentiments a little.  It's fun!

As an added bonus, these zip pouches are large enough to toss in some card supplies and coloring tools, if you like to craft on the go.  I'm a working girl and I love to carry crafty stuff to work and spend time coloring and stamping on my lunch break.  I can't tell you how many times an acrylic block just didn't do the trick.  Throw it all in here and go!

Easter is just around the corner.  As of this writing, they are not yet listed in Suzy's store so keep your eyes posted.  They will sell out quick.  

Next up, the process video.  Take 3 minutes and sit a spell, if you'd like to see how I stamped and colored the butterflies.  Thanks so much for popping in today!  


Purchase Fancy Butterfly, here.

Purchase Sunny and Bright, here.

Purchase So Suzy Ink Bites, here.

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  1. The butterfly bag is incredibly pretty; wonderful inspiration for your gorgeous card that features one of my absolutely favourite butterfly images! Thank you for the video; I feel a 'casing' coming on!
    ~c (carol)

    1. I would love to see your CASEed card! Thanks, Carol.

  2. So pretty and
    love the butterflies.
    Carla from Utah

  3. Love your beautiful butterfly card, and the painting with So Suzy Ink bites is gorgeously done!! You color choices make it really POP!! Your process video was a delight to watch! TFS!!

  4. Terri your card is beautiful and the colors you used made the butterflies pop. The Misti Zip Pouch looks really nice and will be going on my wish list. The butterfly on the zipper pull is a nice touch.

  5. Oh my, your card is so pretty!!! And Denise's bag too. I need this :P

  6. Beautiful card! I have been able to resist the Mini MISTI bags until now! Love, love, love all things butterflies so this will be heading my way as soon as I get the funds to purchase it. I am thinking that if I skip getting one of my prescriptions when my SS check comes then I can order this then! Hope the third hurries up and gets here so I can order it! 😁

  7. The butterfly on the zipper pull is a nice touch.

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