March 3, 2017

Price, Market and Sell Your Handmade Cards

So many of us sell our cards to friends, family, neighbors and at times, we head on out to the craft fairs during the holidays.  I have had podcasts talking about pricing, making and selling your cards and we always have questions after the shows.  Most recently, I saw someone post a picture of one of their cards stating she sells it for $2 and I just about lost my lunch.  Instead of sitting at my desk shaking my head, I decided it was finally time to get our next online class in the line up. 
Let me introduce you to Price, Market and Sell Your Handmade Cards.  Where we take a hard look at your cards, the pricing, how you intend to market and where you plan on selling them. In our latest So Suzy Session, we are going to walk you through the process and give you the tools you need to start a small business selling your cards! 
  • Learn how to price your cards appropriately
  • Receive our exclusive Pricing Calculator to ensure you aren't LOSING money
  • Determine marketing techniques that will work with YOUR target market
  • Identify different venues and options for selling your cards
  • Put together your personal Action Plan
  • Gain access to our private Facebook Group to ask your questions and receive feedback
The class is open for pre-enrollment and will start April 15th.  I cannot tell you how excited I am for this next Session as it is truly one of my favorite topics.  If you listened to our Importance of Planning podcast, you will know that if you are planning on selling your cards to people for Christmas, the time to start is NOW! 
I hope to see you in our Price, Market and Sell class come April 15th and if selling your cards isn't your forte, be sure and check out some of the other classes we have available.
Until next time,
Happy Stamping!

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