April 1, 2017

Welcome the New Owners!

Happy April everyone!  I don’t know about you, but I love spring.  The promise of new beginnings, beautiful growth and a fresh start.  There is something about the brightness of the sky and fragrance in the air that just rejuvenates the soul.  It is also the perfect time to introduce the new Mr. & Mrs. So Suzy!

Please join me in welcoming John and Vicky Briggs as the new owners of So Suzy Stamps!

Stephan and I are beyond thrilled by what lies ahead for the future of So Suzy Stamps.  Not only will John and Vicky be running So Suzy Stamps, they will also be manufacturing the stamps on-site. Which is a huge benefit to YOU. 

They also have the same vision for So Suzy Stamps as we do; to provide the crafting industry with quality, fun and unique red rubber stamps.  With that vision comes the importance of keeping the integrity of the brand and social media presence we have been building over the last three years.  You will continue to see So Suzy Stamps on Facebook, in our Flaunt It Group and on Instagram.

You will also still be seeing the friendly faces and amazing cards from our Design Team and in true So Suzy fashion, April is going to one ginormous Suzy-fest as we all celebrate our 3rd birthday!

The festivities start on April 6th and run until our actual birthday on the 20th.   Keep your eyes peeled for specials, new releases, Guest Designers, a new line of stamps designed by our insanely talented Olesya Kharkova and all sorts of crazy shenanigans.

As for me, I will still be around to help during the April Birthday Bash, my podcasts will still be going forward and I even have a new home for everything Suzy related.  I would love if you would join me at All About Suzy and subscribe for our blog updates.  (I think I see some card making in my future!)

We can't forget about the Bunkie Bags and MISTI Zip Pouches, if you are looking for them on the So Suzy site, you will be happy to know that my mother has ventured out on her own and created a website dedicated to all of her amazing bags.  Please be sure and head on over and give her some well deserved love at Simply Charming Bags.

Until then, let’s give a HUGE So Suzy Welcome to John and Vicky as they take the helm and bring So Suzy Stamps the epic success she so deserves!

Happy Stamping!

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  1. Congratulations John & Vicky and 'Welcome' to your "new home"! I love So Suzy's blog for inspiration and wonderful products and I am looking forward to seeing more in the future!


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