March 1, 2020

Post It Note Cover

Happy March! Vicky here today. 
I was asked to make a couple of gifts for a friend to hand out at work for people's desks. So I thought maybe I would share this idea. I have made these in classes I use to do. They are very easy. 
Here is the Post-It-Note on the inside. You can also decorate the inside cover.
**Before you score or cut your card, you might want to decorate it.
I did not so you could see the instructions better.
Let's get started.
Cut your card stock 33/4 x 71/2.
**Using these instructions the top of the book is at the bottom.
The first score line across the card is 31/8 down from the top of the card.
You can measure down on each score line or measure the second score line 3/8 from the first score line, then 3/8 to the third score line.
I use my ditch in my cutter to score a straight line.
There is two ways you can measure and cut your lines.
If you have this cutter, the cutting handle has marks on where the blade is.
It should look like this.
Fold the score lines and bring out the middle.
Here is another view
Put adhesive on the bottom score line. 
If you are not sure, it will be the larger side.
Stick down
So it looks like this. This is where the pen will sit.
These are some pens I found at Staples, but I think you can find them anywhere.
This the pen I used.
Well, there it is!
And decorate a few notes throughout the sheets.
Here are the stamps I used.
        Leaf 1                      Petal Flower 1               Petal Flower 2                   Petal Flower 3                    
Hope you enjoyed the post.
Have a great day!

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial Vicky! it's a great idea for my co-workers. It's beautiful


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